My Bay won't start! Please read!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Darren MacRae, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Could be worse...he could've asked on VZI :eek:...
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  2. Think he got off lightly .... :D

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  3. Point taken!
  4. It would by now have a dozen replies, mostly without much banter, VZi is a wee bit quiet in the mech dept.
  5. Blimey I missed all the drama while I was away on holiday!
    I'm glad Darren's got his bus running and hope he sticks with it to enjoy it.
    I agree that some comments may have come across a bit negative towards him personally and judging by his posts he may be the type of person to take them to heart.
    I would like to think that if they were said around a fire with a few beers ,they would have been intended and received as light hearted banter between friends.
    Good luck Darren hopefully see you back soon.
  6. What do you mean barney?

  7. For his sake I hope he doesn't go to Vizzy.
  8. hi para you ok , what page was that ? i doubt i meant anything bad .
  9. Yeah im good thanks dude
  10. good to see you back , it was prob just an off the head thing , i have good days n bad days like all ,remembering yesterday is not always as clear as a glacier mint im affraid .

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