My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. Hi, just read through your whole thread, great work, interesting your issue with the relays, I had problem with the headlight relay on my crossdresser bought a new relay , still not working so stripped original relay and got it working, then stripped New relay and it wasn't working properly either but a bit of fettling and I now have a working spare .
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  3. @geordieandy To replace all the fittings you will need:

    Vanagon Westfalia Propane Tank Shut Off Valve

    Vanagon Westfalia Replacement Propane Fill Valve (inc Bleeder)

    basically A,B and C in this pic


    Then I think you can use a UK propane regulator, if you can get one that has a threaded fitting for the outlet. I paid a lot for the USA 2 stage regulator (D above) but realised afterwards that a UK one would have been fine.

    Like this:

    With This outlet fitting:
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  4. Thanks so much for all that! I will price it up and see whether can afford it this season.
  5. Can you tell me how you know when the tank is full. I'm under the impression that you should only fill it to 80% to allow for heat expansion. I removed my tank because it was leaking at "D". Maybe i could just replace all of that with a UK part for £11.99. A, B and C seem to be ok.
  6. You open part. A and fill up when gas starts to comes out it is 80% full

    And D is the two stage regulator so yeah I dont see why it couldn't be changed
  7. I have finally done some work on my bus.

    Fitted a quick connect gas point for my Cobb BBQ which I got in august!!! Pretty quick for me.

    I made a bracket from a bit of stainless and then fitted it to the front jacking point, so I can still use my outside the bus table bracket, then fitted the connector to it



    Also I have replaced the donuts in the rear suspension

    Old V new



    How it looks now


    I think it is sitting a little higher but I stupidly didn't do a before picture or measurement so can't really compare.

    Hopefully if nothing else it will have stopped the rear squeak/creak I have had for the last couple of years.
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  8. It might just need to settle after being jacked up. Bounce on the rear bumper for a bit to see if it settles a bit lower.
  9. Tbh I want it to sot a bit higher as it was a bit low before. I think it will settle a bit but nor much more, I have already done the jumping on the bumper lol
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  10. rickyrooo1

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    how easy a job is it matt? not one for techenders?
  11. Its possible but I wouldn't do it at TE. I bought these to do at the last TE but chickened out. Now that I have done it I could do it again, BUT my bus is a nice dry import and everything comes apart nicely.

    Plus gas or similar soaked on the nuts and bolts for a couple of days before hand also worked well
  12. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    my rear wheels are leaning out a fraction more than i'd like, i'd imagine mine need doing.
  13. Pop an outer cover off and have a look how squished an outer donut is, it will give you an idea of how bad they are and you don't have to take anything else apart to do it. I would jack it up though and stick an axle stand under though
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    Doable, an impact wrench would make it a lot easier
  16. @vinnyboy That actual regulator in the link? I will try one of my regulators on my old part C. I was pretty sure they are an international standard left hand thread
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  17. I borrowed a standard UK red propane reg. It's almost right, just slightly bigger diameter.
  18. Hi guys
    I've got t2 1978 for sell
    Any idea what is the best place online to sell it?
  19. Why not introduce yourself in the appropriate section and then post an as the other appropriate section

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