My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. Fitted a new silicon hose on my AAR to inlet plenum tonight. Had the hose for over a year!! Old one was cracked and probably leaking air only one more hose to get now. Output of AAR to inlet S hose.




    You can see the hose fitted in the last one and also the c hose for the decel valve.
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  2. What is the round relay, is that the lights on buzzer? How did you wire the lights on buzzer?
  3. Round silver one is the normal indicator relay, will have to double check about the lights on buzzer, but it is is wired so that when the door opens and the lights are on it buzzes, whether the car is running or not,
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  4. Lovin the seat, whats it out of? :)

    Ignore the question, found the answer in a later post :)
  5. Bought a few bits last week at van jamboree and fitted them in the afternoon, been away with work so here are the pics

    Altro flooring
    Front pressed plate
    Rear pressed plate
    New leisure battery fuse box for the front end.
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  6. Tonight I pulled the firewall out and changed the crusty breather hoses on top of the tank. After all the threads this week I knew these were the ones I hadn't done before. Also I have been smelling petrol like other people. As it turns out it has been leaking at the t piece near the charcoal filter, pipes are just a bit loose so decided so put jubilee clips on and see how it goes.



    Also fitted my new s boot as the old one was hard as rock and had the start of a tiny crack
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  7. Tonight I finished my second leisure battery fuse box install and now have the courtesy light and the rear light on the leisure battery.

    Also fitted my new indicator switch so I now have self cancelling indicators!!!! Also fitted interior sliding door handle so can now shut the door slightly more quieter.
  8. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    was it easy with the engine in to get the firewall out?
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  9. A bit awkward but doable, you have to take a fair bit of the first parts off and then bend the rear tin a bit as well, mine was already a bit bent from previous owners so just went for it
  10. After jumping in the van this morning and the clutch pedal going down and staying down I replaced the clutch cable. Was definitely due, the Bowden tube was well overdue, with a crack and fuuny bend in it and the cable had been chaffing and a couple of strands had broken. This resulted in a rather notchy feel to the pedal, I know this now as the new one is smooth as silk.

    The cable had actually failed at the pedal end. And the clevis pin broke but i think that was because of the strain on it due to the broken strands.

    New cable is slightly thinner?
    Not sure where these bits were meant to go, hole isn't big enough for the cable to be pushed through.
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  11. Did those rubbers come with the cable or did you buy them seperate?
    I take it the cable is a repro?
  12. Came in the full kit, cable, Bowden tube, clevis pin and those weird rubbers, made by Gemo came from vwh a few years ago
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  13. Did some electrical work today.

    My 5pin relay was playing up last year so I put my original 4 pin back in. I ordered another relay the other and plugged it in only to find it doesn't work!!

    So today I pulled out the fuse box and found that the wire I had put in had come adrift. Fixed that and after cleaning all the terminals,new fuses and removing the extensions the PO had put on, meaning the spades just push out of the fuse box, I now have good lights again and the ability to flash without the headlights being on.

    All the crappy extensions

    Moral of the story: check your wiring before automatically blaming the relay!!

    I now have a spare 5pin relay and 4pin relay.

    Also fitted my new stereo faceplate as the one it can with didn't suit.


    Also this arrived:

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  14. Like the stereo! Did it come with the van?
  15. No it is a Retrosound Model Two radio with a faceplate to match the van it is is completely customisable.
  16. I've seen something like that before but not the retro sound one, loving the iPod connectivity, that's a bonus. Is the sound quality good too?
  17. Yeah seems OK to me, but I am no audiophile. Bluetooth works well for playing music, my only slight thing is the radio tuner doesn't seem the best. It could be my aerial though.

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