My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. Thought as much.
    I've had a cursory glance around net but not yet come up with material to match. Let me know if you do & visa versa.:thumbsup:
  2. Fitted the copper pipe under the bus today, still need to do inside but that is once I have sorted out what I am going to do to the unit.



  3. Bit more work on the kitchen unit


    new ply on the fronts


    Used brushing wax to darken it instead of paying for expensive laminate


    Side still needs a bit of work, loads of chunks out of it but I like a bit of aged/patina look if it was mint it wouldn't look right imo.


    And the wax I used
  4. Mine covers that top bit but not the vertical bit. The wraparound rubbers cover the bottom half and are formed to fit in the concave bit but don't go all the way to the top. Mine were from heritage,genuine VW

    Having read this, I see the need for a pic to explain
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  5. Looking good, where did you get your roof canvas from in the end?
  6. Think it was vwheritage but it is a Wolfsburg west one which is in USA
  7. I take my time but my kitchen unit refurb is nearly done.




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  8. MOT today.

    Failed but only on the broken door handle.

    Free partial retest next.

    My final hydraulic lifter has pumped up as well so the engine is nice and quiet.

    Might check the clearances on the valves now

    Booked to be away for easter
  9. Congrats, a "door handle" is so miner that it's laughable. Enjoy Easter!!!
  10. Re-MOT today and all fine, obviously. 6 months tax bought and all good to go.
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  11. Happy camping :beer:
  12. Bought a new seat that I need to fit. Means we can now have five in the back more comfortably[​IMG][​IMG]

    And its removable been looking for one of these for 4 years, really difficult to narrow one down and then actually buy it, drove to Manchester to get it last night
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  13. The "new to you " seat seems to fit right in, you sure VW didn't make that. LOL Looks good and removable, can't loose with that.
  14. oh yeah it is a VW seat, from a VW T25 Whitestar/Bluestar model
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  15. Where did you get the fold down seat from?
  16. I did some updates to electrics tonight. [​IMG]

    New fuse box with single 12v input and multiple outputs and led's that light up when a fuse blows and mounted the ctek charger.

    Also made a replacement seat holding open bracket as mine has been missing since I bought the camper. 4 1/2 years of the wife nagging about it so I have finally done it.

  17. I have fitted a new mains inlet today, the original one I fitted protruded too far into the cabin so I bought a different one and have fitted it so that I now have more space for a decent compressor fridge.[​IMG][​IMG]

    And I tidied up the garage a bit and put my new flooring down
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