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  1. Balls. Just a little bit of rubbage on the passengers side front wing. Bubbled the paint nicely and wore a section of the tyres shoulder off. :mad:
    2021-02-17 13.09.09.jpg

    Beam needs to be adjusted a bit more though i struggled to get it any higher than this:
    2021-02-17 16.14.12.jpg
    which leaves just 1" clearance between the stupidly offset (20ET) wheels and the arch lip.
    2021-02-17 16.16.49.jpg
  2. Its definately settled a little. Top piccy is from March and the bottom from December.
  3. Norfolk aircooled on fb[​IMG]

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  4. Is there a photo of the top of the wing?
  5. Mine doesn't have the horn grill and has a bumper slot. :(

    I've rolled the arch lip a bit with a section of scaffy pole and it clears a little better, plus i'm going to try and raise it up an inch or so back to where i originally wanted it.

    This is the difference between the original drivers side and repro passengers side one. Seems the arch opening on the repro one is around 15-20mm further back than on the original one. I measured the wheelbase and its the same both sides so its not that.
    Theres barely a fingers width gap between the tyre and arch at the front on the repro and 2 fingers width on the original one.
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  6. I have the same problem on my driver's side; tyre rubbing. I picked up a pair of standard spec rust free wings NOS repops from the US last year and plan to get these modded to 67 spec as well as checked and rolled, if needed. I am pretty certain mine is down to a combination of a repop wing and the non original ET of the alloys fitted.

    If that wing @the 3 crispies found on FB is indeed genuine it's worth picking up, sadly too far for me to travel and besides, I can't tell from the photo if it's genuine, or not. As you said @Zebedee, it's the wrong wing for your model year anyway...

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