My 1970 bug

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Zebedee, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. someone want to do my bug up for me lol?? i can pay??

    i wish i could weld!! or knew anything about cars at all...really respect all you guys who do it yourselves!!

    well done! x
  2. Tiny-Pie, you could always do a course at night class or college.
    I did a ten week welding course at my local agrigultural college years ago. It was only 2 hours, one night a week but gave the basics. I then bought a £50 second hand MIG welder and went and practiced on scrap steel until i was confident enough to attack my own car.

    Everything else i've just picked up along the way. Mechanical stuff i pretty easy. You just take it apart, (taking photos as you do so you know where it went) and replace anything knackered before putting it back together. ;)

    They say you learn from your mistakes so i must be getting a great education. ;D
  4. tiny pie learn from some one in the forum close to you if u were near me i would teach ye owen nw
  5. Made a few bits and bobs today.

    Edge of front 1/4:

    Another great fitting Klokkerholm panel:
    Its 10mm too short and won't reach the A pillar. :mad:

    Hole for wing bolt is in the wrong place too.

    Made the template for the bit above the seam:

    Inside shot showing how tidy the interoir is. I've got no space to store the seats anywhere else. :(
  6. no bother to u keep her lite owen nw ;)
  7. splice the new panel down the line of where the insde edge of the wing will sit, line it up with the post place the rest of the panel forward or back and make up a piece to finish it that way the panel will line up as will the hole , make the panel fit the car not the car to fitt the panel lol owen nw
  8. That'd probably be the easiest way is suppose.
    If i did that it could be dragged backwards and downwards 10mm then it would reach the A pillar and the hole would be in the right place.
    It'd just leave a little gap to fill too like this:

    Will have a better look in the daylight and see how it goes.
  10. keep going Zebedee :) will be beautiful when it's done

  11. Horizontal rain and 70mph winds have stopped play today so i'm gonna have a play around with the 2 speed dash fresh air fan i was given off a mate.
    Need to find a glue that will stick the black ABS type of plastic they make stuff out of.

    I've decided not to redo the stripes over the bonnet, roof and boot but to get some of these like on the 1972 Kamei catalogue made up:

    I've been collecting retro 70's tat for a while now. Would love some polished wolfrace slotmags for it but have only found 14" diameter ones that are 6" wide with a zero offset and they stick out 2" past the wings edge.
    I sold my wide flared wings a few years ago and really regret it now. :(
  12. Rear 1/4 and wheelarch repairs welded in.


    Needs grinding and filling next.
  13. Welds ground down and filler applied:

    Seam sealed inside of panel.
  14. Finished making my rear crossmember and it seems to fit quite well. :)
  15. Getting ready to weld it in.

    Boom, welded in. :)


    Gave it a coat of etch but still needs the welds grinding down.
  16. Got a bit more welded in this afternoon then ran out of welding wire. :(
  17. Got it all slathered in seam sealed today:

    And gave it a quick coat of red oxide primer.

    Primed the underside too:

    The inner arches, bottom of heater channels and the rear crossmembers are gonna get stonechipped so i'm not too worried its not perfectly smoothe.
  18. now its taking shape good job owen nw ;)
  19. Love that old Kamei photo. Right up my street.

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