My 1970 bug

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Zebedee, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Did some more cutting today until i got fed up with my ears ringing (ear plugs don't work well enough). :(


    All the rot from the end of the rear crossmember cut out.

    Nearly at the stage i can whip the old rotten channel out. :eek:
  2. Bought another piece of the puzzle:

    Autocraft a pillar repair. :)
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  3. Looks like another good part from auto craft
  4. Yep, its real nice. Good thick steel, bent in all the right places and with a thick hinge mounting plate.

    Makes the klokkerholm one i bought (and then sold again) seem like it was made by someone who had never seen the panel before.
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  5. I've got the one half of there jacking point for the bus like you say very well made ,thick steel and nicely welded together ,did have to chop it up about but not really a problem
  6. Hopefully i'll get the old rotten channel out and the new one tacked in today while the sun is out. Not fun working in the sun wearing fireproof (thick) overalls though. I nearly melted last year. :lol:
  7. It's best to cover up mate I welded in shorts and t shirt in side the van while it was sunny and came out red lol
  8. Grinding spark on bare arms hurt a little too. ;)

    Temperature gauge in my van read 35.5C today. So glad i wasn't working in there.
  9. My arms are use to the sparks it the welding hot rock burns that make me dance around the place lol had metal in my eye more often that not
  10. The metal in your eye thing is nasty.
    I used to get that regularly even when wearing goggles until I realised the bits were in my hair and when I removed the goggles they were falling in then. ::)

    I've Still got a scar on my belly from a hot chunk of steel that burned through my overalls and sizzled its way down my body towards my crotch. :eek:
  11. Steel going back in shocker!!! ;D

    Bit of etch primer.

    One seriously rotten B pillar (or whats left of it once the filler was dug out). :(
  12. Yeah been to the hospital a few time for metal in my eye even with glasses on i got told there only to stop the metal going in the centre of your eye so I normally ends up on the outer edge if that makes sense
  13. i ve got metal in my eyes to when wearing googles , then when u explain in the hospital that u had googles on oh here they are , they look at ye as if u where a lair owen nw
  14. Ow yes seen that look from the people at are local hospital , thinking I'm lying but at least they do get the metal out lol
  15. Great stuff mate.

    Like your car port! Job well done
  16. Thanks.
    The car port is a waste of time really as its too high and not long enough so i'm looking into building myself a garage instead. :)
  17. Got the old heater channel chopped out today:

    I knew it was rotten but...

    Inner wing was 4 panels thick. Each one tacked over the rotten one before. :(

    New channel trial fitted.

    Not too bad a fit considering its a cheap klokkenholm repro apart from the fact that all the bolt holes are 10 -15mm out. That should be fun sorting.:(
  18. my carpet strip was 25mm the wrong way on both so i split the welds and rewelded them on , owen nw
  19. I had the same had to drill the floor pan holes a little bigger not by much as they were close but still had to jig them about abit
  20. Because i split the channel to paint inside and weld the captive nuts on fully instead of the spot welds they had i think i've twisted the channel a bit as the running board mounting face is no longer 90 degrees to the bottom plate. Its at nearly 110 degrees. :(

    Gonna have a go at bending it a little and see if it makes any difference.

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