Morks Type 4 1800 AP engine project

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by MorkC68, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Gearbox bolted up and starter motor fitted

    Carbs on, linkage bolted up and checked for alignment, operation and return

    Ready for fitting next week!
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  2. Tastey!
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  3. ...and heavy!
  4. fingers crossed it will run okay!
  5. We've got a 1500lbs motorcycle trolley & made a frame to sit it on, lifts to the right height (or it did when we dropped the type 1)
  6. Nice. That cushion might not be good to go back on th sofa though.
  7. Looks the danglies :thumbsup:
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  9. cheers buddy :D
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  10. @MorkC68 what's the pipe on the inlet manifold for? Balance pipe?
    ...and a crane to get it on that I hope!
  11. Yep balance pipe, the other take off is the servo!

    We have either a 1 tonne' portal frame electric crane or a fork lift truck to move it around, its in work at the moment, we'll get it mobile and down to the unit Tuesday, we've got the fuel pump to mount and wire in first!
  12. Don't quote me, but I think a balance pipe is better up near the top before the manifold splits. It's 3 and 1 that end up short on fuel so joining 4 and 2 may not work as well, though of course the manifold is all one really so may not matter. If it does you can easily join them all together and t off for the servo.
  13. They were already predrilled and tapped CB Performance manifolds. Unfortunately, there doesn't look to be anywhere else we could relocate them to.

    It would be an easy fix to join them together and t into the servo, Ill see how it performs when we start the motor; I guess we will come across odds and ends that need fettling etc.
  14. Are standard type 4 manifolds no good ?
  15. Ive no idea tbh :( the Solex carbs Ive got sat also have CB Performance manifolds with similar tapped/threaded holes!
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  16. Ive got a couple of pairs i think !!
  17. For reference/if anyone is interested, the 34ICT's (prior to rolling road @ Burgess')

    145 main jets
    55 idle jets
    175 Needle jets
    160 Air corrections
    F6 Emulsions

    * subject to change
  18. What air filters?
  19. CB Performance I think (its a CB P kit)
  20. Just looked at your pics, they're fine... The ones that are like an inch tall actually rob 10BHP from the engine :eek:

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