Morks Type 4 1800 AP engine project

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  1. :lol: I know the ones you mean!

    Its breathing very well, I drove it last night, its a bloody flyer - really wanted to rev & rev quickly (not clutch slip though)..I need to get a few hundred miles on it :D
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  2. Gonna pop this Dyno print out in here; Peter Burgess tuned the motor today, did an initial run at 70bhp max power, which was bloody frightening watching the motor screaming away :eek:
    They did some magic and decided the 145 mains needed dropping down as the carbs where running rich; I knew that hence the session. Peter suggested 135's maximum maybe less, 130, I couldn't quite hear what he said.
    They balanced the carbs, did the mixture, set the idle and tweaked the timing - the only issue was the right hand carb wouldn't return to its idle position correctly. This was sorted, reckon the linkages got disturbed and didn't go back where they should have.

    Final power run gave us a maximum power at the flywheel of 96bhp and 76.4 bhp at the wheels :D


    Overall I'm pleased with what they have done, a couple of issues cropped up, a spring clip is missing off one carb secondly, Keith suggested we route the crankcase breather to fresh air opposed to the air filter
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  3. ^ nice improvement, good torque :)
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  4. This is my 2 litre for comparison - same dyno!

    Capture RR.PNG other dyno.jpg

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  5. Can't open it. :(
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  6. TBH I'd have expected yours to have more hp at the flywheel?

    theres nothing particularly special about ours aside of the weight matched con rods and us measuring the pistons and rods to get all four of equal length
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  7. thanks Rob, its way better than what I anticipated :)
  8. Interesting non the same. haven't read the full build but guessing your camshaft is a bit over stock (big valve heads?)
  9. sorted!
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  10. The cam should be stock for an 1800/1911 - BigRich sorted it out for us based on the parts he sourced. Ill dig the paperwork out, I'm not fully sure exactly what it is.
    Heads are new AMC 39.3 x 33mm valve' ones, opposed to the 41 x 34mm ones the motor should have
  11. Thanks.
    Don't know what your chap did but for sake of 5HP he killed the max torque :eek:
  12. You reading it right ?(if so explain as im confuzzled)
  13. Run 2 is top row, run 10 is presumably the last run. By run 10, at the wheels you have 4hp more peak power, less average power and lost 24 ft/lb of torque. I would have asked h to put it back like it was. Perhaps I'm misreading something.
  14. Average torque went up a bit..

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  16. Tbh ive swapped out chokes, mains and idles since so who knows!
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  17. thread re imaged :D
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  18. I've only just seen this thread

    It was very interesting reading and helps my understanding of engines.

    Can you do the same for a big type 1 engine next please?
  19. Next up is possibly going to be a 2258 type 4 to go in Major, if all goes to plan :D
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  20. [​IMG]

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