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  1. It'll be the safest place inUK there'll be that much security - and loads of police /troops with machine guns etc
  2. That's my birthday you old Chelsea supporter:p
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  3. Yes, probably but the softer targets seem to be the unfortunate option.
    Really hope that the security guys are on their toes because IS are a real threat.
    They have a evil following which defies basic human values and reason.
    Totally beyond my understanding as to how the radicalization of a child brought up in UK would seemingly want to blow himself to bits with fellow citizens.
    Find it unbelievable and so tragic.
    The heartache for the victims and their families must be devastating.
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  4. As you state "used to" not so any more
  5. It works the same way as grooming; making someone who is already isolated feel part of a group, something bigger and important, held in their confidence and systematically brainwashed (for want of a better word) to believe that what they are doing is right and those who think it isn't just don't understand. That's why young, marginalised people join. They're made to feel important, that they are worthy and powerful, often for the first time. And also that this is justified by the carpet bombing, decimation of their own and racism.
    That's why the call for people not to play into their hands with more violence and vitriol.
    These aren't muslims, they are monsters but some of them are also stooges, coerced to do something heinous and clearly the indoctrination destabilises their mental health and judgment

    I guess there will never be an easy solution and the reasons individuals/families 'join' are as complex as the whole problem. But we do know that hates drives and fuels it and the war on terror has been in place for 17 years and hasn't succeeded.
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  6. the killing has to stop
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  8. So what your proposing is we lock 3000 people up on the grounds of suspicion?

    BTW I'm not an apologist for anyone. I understand a little bit about the damage explosives can do, as can be seen in my avatar, picture was taken many miles from home in 1991.
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    I would have thought that locking 3,000 people up might be quite a good recruitment tool for terrorists.
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  10. Maybe if we just turn up at their houses and sing 'come by arr ' while holding hands . That will show them.
    jihadis need cuddles and love too.
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  11. Well bombing the crap out of them, their families and communities and calling it collateral damage, demonising communities, racism and selling arms to those who supply them hasn't worked in the last 17 years...

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    I'm genuinely interested in what you guys think we should do?
    I completely agree that locking people up on the suspicion of anything is a slippery slope; but presumably these people are under suspicion for a reason. I doubt I'm on their list for example.
    So come on; rather than just object to people who do say what they think, what do you guys think?

    My little'un goes to nursery next to a major railway station. When my mrs dropped him off this morning the place is flooded with Police. Consequently she's crapping herself. Irrational maybe, but whats happened in Manchester makes you think.
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  16. .
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  17. I've no idea, it's all so precarious that I think there are no quick solutions; and if I had one I would be shouting it from the treetops because too many innocent lives have been lost on all sides. And those without sides.

    Offering Tony Blair as a human sacrifice would be a start (for me) but how do we make all of it right, how do we undo the horrors and the indoctrination...?

    I also think that internment isn't the answer. When the Iraq war broke out a friend of mine at uni was immediately puked in and held- we weren't told where, we had no idea what was happening to him. He was of Iraqi descent but was born and educated in broad stairs and we knew him as a gentle giant, always smiling and happy go lucky. When he was finally released, no charges for anything, he was different. Immediately angry (obviously) and then quieter and we didn't see his old sparkle again. I'm pretty sure he didn't go onto be radicalised but I can see how that anger at the injustice could make some turn the wrong way.

    Maybe cum by ya will work. I don't know, but I know that what we have been doing hasn't.

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  18. Good morning to you as well, the summary of your post was that we were at war, those were your own words? Referring as you did, after your period of reflection, to the comments of a security expert suggested you agree with the proposal he made which was to detain them all.

    I've lost track of who is who? Now the 3000 have become Jhadis, whereas earlier you said 3000 know[n] jhadi terrorists or sympathisers. What should be done once there is sufficient evidence then they should be arrested and prosecuted as is I believe currently the position. Thankfully the security services are pretty good at their jobs. You could turn this around and say on what grounds do you detain them, I think Habeus Corpus is still enshrined in UK law.
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  20. No idea, I wish I had, but whatever, it needs to involve not selling arms because of excellent financial returns.

    It's not irrational at all, we all seek to protect our loved ones and each other. And seeing armed services on the streets is very scary.

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