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  1. My point was that 'known' is not always what we think. Sorry, not explaining well as I'm on way to work.

    I believe there are already laws in place and the fact that this time the guy was reported via anti terrorist phone lines a number of times and nothing was done needs looking at?

    But we also know that evidence is needed, that the police numbers have shrunk etc
    If they are known and that means that there is evidence against them, then they should be dealt with by the laws in place.

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    I'd say they were fairly indecent....
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  4. thanks I'll change it, before someone jumps on my back
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    To start with, if they go to Syria they dont come back, I cant believe we allow it,if it is possible to deport them, deport them and their families, , if it is possible to work a case against them imprison them, if a change of law is needed say,
    shown intent to, change the law.
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  7. Thank you, i will
  8. PIE


    At least a Mr Hussain was sent down today
    for building a bomb to derail a train in the midlands , one less idiot.
  9. I'm surprised these people don't inexplicably disappear once identified to be honest!
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  10. Barry, I've been laying low since I posted this because it wasn't my intention to be outspoken or offensive, although the response you refer to was ridiculous, better off over at mumsnet.

    As people have had time to reflect, remember at the time of my post it was all 'don't jump to conclusions blah blah' - well look at the facts 48 hours later. Atrocity carried out by a 'home grown', known to the security services and recently returned from Syria. Jeez, how much more of a marker can there be to take someone off the streets?
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  12. What is it - a preemptive nuclear strike?
  13. Dont know - just about getting a signal down here in the bunker :D
  14. I wonder how many children have to die before it will be ok to lock up know Isis supporters
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  15. I dont know what the answer is. You can only avoid the risk so long, eventually its going to realise itself. Im still deeply affected by whats happned. Even started avoiding the news. Both my girls are in London during the week at a gig with their partners. I want them to enjoy themselves as its been a long time in the planning. I also want to give them some common sense rules. Its likely i wont be telling them to avoid the bloke with the beard and the islamic garb as thats not the terrorist but to move swifly through crowded places, keep in constant contact..... i could go on. Its all in my head but it makes no difference if your in the wrong place at exactly the wrong moment.

    I wont rest easy that night!
  16. @Dicky i know what I going to say probably isn't going to Stop you worrying, but they are going to be ok, it's probably the best time for them to be going, security will be very very tight, they will check people away from the venue, then there will be another check as they enter, there will be armed officers there and they won't allow people to go anywhere near the place afterwards, I've been having the same conversation with my wife, she doesn't want me to go to the Cup Final
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    does that mean the uk gets its own Guantanamo Bay detention camp ?
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  18. Why, you after a free holiday. Isle of wight?
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  19. ron


    after the pictures that were released by the yanks in hindsight you could say " if you see a person just stood there with a back pack on stand in front of him " seems to be the survivable area
  20. Thats more or less exactly what ive just said to the Mrs.

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