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  1. ron


    thats terrible Dicky Isle of Man maybe
  2. Ok. Anglesey should be a contender, thers Canvey too..... loads of choice

    Then again we could use them as sleeping policemen during tt week
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  3. PIE


    Colwyn Bay, no any normal prison, I would pay the extra tax for another 2000 or so, not on me own though!
  4. How about sent off to Muslim lands where they could be happy?
    This is what I understand too. This is blowback for our great work deposing Gadaffi to rob his light sweet crude (and gold reserves ), piracy..its what we do best.
    This article adequately explains what's gone on.
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  5. Sounds good to me ..
  6. Looks like jezza is being lambasted for telling it like it is.!
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  7. Terrordales

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  8. He wouldn't listen, it was 27'C in Catcliffe yesterday :)
  9. That photo was near the flouch, penistone.
    The sheep were getting warm :D
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  10. Terrordales

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    Well your air force is the one bombing them.
  11. I know. I just don't understand how retaliatory bombings are going to work - they suddenly seem to 'know' where to bomb after something has happened. Not that I agree with violence from either side being the way to solve.
  12. Isn't this just part of the ongoing campaign of bombing IS targets which has now been going on for 'years' and not a knee jerk reaction?
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  13. Probably, but as before, it doesn't seem to help with the situation.
  14. BUT ..can the world allow IS to have an islamic caliphate..?

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