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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by truckergareth, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Been around the world 3 times, driven trucks all over Europe,Scandinavia and North Africa. Drove trucks in the states for 2 years, so yes, I like to get about a bit ;)
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  2. Unless you are short of cash, it would seem to me to make sense to keep it. Now is not the optimum time to sell and you may not get much for it even though on the face of it, it looks a good one.

    My van sits on my drive most of the time and only drive it occasionally and I do enjoy working on it and its a great hobby for me.

    Its your van and your decision to make.
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  3. Use it. Can’t you find some boring weekly task.to do? I use mine 2-3 times a week, hardly spend anything on it. It’s shows of course. The RAC love me!
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  4. Start tinkering with it (her) .... I hadn't been near my other old car for 8 years, decided to do something, when getting it sorted is not time dependent, it suddenly becomes mostly enjoyable.
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  5. Problem is that once the love's gone, it's gone for good. I had a Hillman Imp I was restoring as my first car was an Imp and in a drunken moment I bought a heap off Ebay a few years ago. I got as far as rebuilding and priming the shell which took about a year but then lost my mojo for it. It sat in the garage untouched for a year or so and every time I looked at it I was filled with dread, I don't even like imps for Christs sake! Eventually I sold it as an unfinished project and recovered most of my costs, but the feeling of europhia when I saw it being traillered away was magical.
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  6. I've been there. I hated the unreliability of the whole air-cooled thing, going to get slated for that comment. My way out was to pay for a Subaru install, since then I drive it all the time. Do I love it? well certainly loads more than I did.
  7. Just in case you've changed your mind https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hillman-...609072?hash=item23dce15070:g:vB4AAOSw8lZfJXBw
  8. Which half?
    Just askin’...
  9. 00D5CD12-4492-44E4-8056-FFAB89826253.jpeg
    BMW K1100 Imp.
  10. Fast! 762C0121-12C0-4322-821A-BF72362FC6D1.jpeg
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  11. I nearly built one of these years ago It uses a bmw k1100 engine
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  12. I never lost love or enthusiams in mine but Im pretty sure if I would, I would start to read this forum, looking at pictures of peeps travel and camp in theirs and DRIVE IT just to get that feeling of love back

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  13. Don’t really get the whole unreliability air cooled thing. It’s a simple drive line. I’ll grant you it’s old. But it’s brutally simple to work on.

    Tune it well. Get used to the sound and feel of it. If it changes find out why. Touch wood I haven’t broken down for 8yrs or so. Last time was a failing new dizzy cap that dropped the centre pin. I keep a fresh dizzy with points in the spare wheel well and leave the carbs well alone. :)
  14. I like them, simply because I was bought up with Lego and Meccano.
    I had my first moped at 9, had it apart at 11,to see how it worked, then got thrown on a mechanics course at 16, on the good old YTS. I guess the oil in the blood thing, has been there from an early age.
    My bus has been sat in the garden, since 2017, rotting away until lockdown. We had to quarantine, for 2 weeks, So was looking for something to do. It started with me, putting the pop top up and breaking a holding bracket, in the roof.
    I fired up my dads old welder, and made a new one from the only bit of metal I could find.
    I then carried on with the bottom.
    Now it’s all fixed.(body works not great, but I always liked the ‘rat look’.)
  15. My Van never broke down in 29 years
    It did play up once with a blocked fuel line
    But it did get me home ,
    I personally don’t think These Vehicles are unreliable,
    But the owners often are when it comes to maintenance :D
  16. Yes we're dreadful and then we rip the heart out :rolleyes:
  17. Wilfred .. I thought that I’d agreed that we wouldn’t say anything about that anymore .:D
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