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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by truckergareth, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. your the king of falling in and out of love for your van thought you might have some wise words.
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  2. Seriously, the poptop is going to be creativity with bits of wood to put the curve back in it.

    It looks like you have spent money you wont get back if you just sell it now.

    If it is leaking from the rear (back of bus ) of the engine around the pulley that could just be badly arranged breather pipework causing a pressure build up.

    Take pictures of the engine above and below the tin, and around the bus .

    From those either we offer advice, or they form a part of the pictures you need to sell the bus anyway.
  3. Ok £600 :)
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  4. No wise words I’m afraid sheer stubbornness keeps me going with mine.
    My feelings for the van constantly change on a spectrum between being sick to death of it and wanting to get rid and get something else to feeling hopefull and dreamy about it being finished and future adventures I’ll have with it.

    The decision is made for me really
    I’ve had it for so long and put so much time and money into it
    But unless it was finished it’s not worth enough to sell and buy something decent and useable not needing a load of work.
    So I just keep plodding on with it when time and money allows.
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  5. Ok, depends how much you can do yourself, your enthusiam and most importantly - time.

    There are really helpful, knowledgeable owners on here, but perhaps are at different life stages than other owners - they think nothing of constantly fettling and tinkering. That's a whole world away from owners with a fulltime job, a young family and a house to renovate.

    The way you have described your van says it's too much hassle to finish. You can spend a whole lot more and still never use it and still lose money on it.

    The bubble has burst on our Van's, they will never reach the prices they did a while back, emissions legislation is only going to go one way and soon people won't even consider a fuel guzzling van that does 25 miles to the gallon.
  6. I had the engine in and out so many times I’ve lost count. Had problems with the carb then with the manifold freezing. Tried twice with different alternators and both times no charge. To make life easier I grafted a t25 inspection hatch into the cargo floor. That really does help as gives brilliant access to the engine. Replaced the fuel tank and seem to have to change the fuel hoses annually as they appear to crack/ perish. I need to find some like minded VW owners near me to get back on track
  7. Where abouts are you Gareth?
  8. I didn’t fall out of love with daisy, just other things happened, Covid gave me some more time to work on her, and I enjoyed improving her, finding this forum for assistance and the banter.
    Just had a great day out, in Crail, Elie and St Andrew’s, with dinner on the west sands beach.

    I’m now looking at getting the other stuff that we bought years ago and filling the van and using it as much as possible and then bodywork repairs etc in the winter.

    Stuck 37 litres of petrol in her and the gauge only registered half full, so another job!!
  9. My van is nowhere nesr perfect, it's broke in alot of places, stuff isnt finished.

    I use it two weekends a month all year and i bloody love it. I hate the stress that comes with it..the money that dissappears..

    But when im sat in the middle of nowhere, kettle on, cooking food. Its my place.

    I write this, sat from my van, Netflix on, door open.. You have some bad days, but ive always found them short lived.


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  10. That's when electric motors come into their own :thumbsup:
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  11. ‘Spares’, They meant ‘Spares’...
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  12. A lot of that is the labour, another lot is the batteries. The latter will improve and come down in price rapidly, labour won’t get much cheaper probably but the ease at which diy’ers (us!) will be able to install kits will improve.
    Saying that, we petrol drinkers have some life left in us yet.
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  13. Herne Bay in Kent
  14. Yes, makes a big difference having a bit of encouragement and practical support.
  15. I have friends with classics but non into VW. All seem to be going down the ford route trying to relive their youth I suppose whereas I want to slow down a bit
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  16. I drove mine today.
    Did about 12 miles in it. I’ve recently done this twice, in as many weeks.
    This is twice I have driven it, since 2017, when I parked it up, cos I got fed up with it, and concentrated my very ltd spanner time, into motorbikes, as there is only half as much.( that’s how MY mind works...).
    Just remember, if you don’t want to drive it, go and do something else.

    But they rot, if you leave them alone.
    Got somewhere out the weather to store it? (Pref not on gravel or grass).

    If so...Happy days.

    I really liked driving mine today, on the by pass, not giving a toss,cars behind me
  17. I know what you mean, although it's surprising sometimes what else they are interested in. Most of my classic car friends have quite eclectic tastes even when they are fanatical about a particular marque or era. Since you know your way around Bays it sounds like you just need a pal who is keen to get involved rather than another VW expert, or a maybe new friend from TLB!
  18. I thought that, when I sold my sorry looking twin slider.
    4 weeks later, I parked a 1972 Devon, over the red stained rectangular outline, it left...14 years later, I’ve just fixed the bottom of it up, so it won’t leave a red stained rectangular outline...
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  19. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    take her out somewhere on a sunny day, park up and sit somewhere near and check out other folks reactions. Have you got camper interior? Get out in her until the love comes back :)

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