Losing the love

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by truckergareth, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Anyone else lost the love for their bus? How long does it last? Mines been parked up since September last year and I just can’t face getting her out of the garage. I keeping thinking of selling but wonder if I’ll regret it. Confused is the word
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  2. Charge the battery.

    Next weekend take the bus out for a spin somewhere local & lovely.

    You'll soon get the love back
  3. You never close your eyes, anymore, when I kiss, your lips...”
    Take her out on a date, don’t make any promises, see if the flame comes back.
  4. You still called your bus 'her' so there is still some love there.

    Check her over and take her out for a drive. By now a battery charge and maybe a few litres of fuel may be a good idea.
  5. Sell it.
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  7. I haven't seen it. Will take a chance £500 for it :)
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  8. D208D2F0-3171-4054-B330-DC807CDB31BC.jpeg Just can’t seem to find the time or enthusiasm to finish her off. Been like this for so long. House extension and work seem to eat up my time
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    Looks lovely mate. Even if it's not "finished" just use it! Drive it as much as you can and try and do something small on it each week, before you know it you'll have got it all done.
  10. Definitely sell it.
  11. Sometimes you feel like throwing your hands in the air
    And things go wrong, no matter what you
    Now and then it seems like your bus is not enough
    But you got the love you need to see it through

    Candi staton 1989 tak8ng about her first bus resto.
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  12. What's left to do?
    - from the photo it looks like you've done the major bits (if there were any)
    Take her out for a spin.... if you feel the same when you come back, you've got your answer (but take her out a few more times, just to be sure ;) ).
    If you smile when you drive her, well you've got your answer there too.
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  14. You seem quite sure that’s what I should do
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  15. Last time I used her she leaked a lot of oil on returning home looks like the rear seal (3rd one). All the interior to do and the bellows plus the pop too has sagged in the middle.
  16. I'm stuck with two Brazzers that cost me a fortune but now like you, work and life limit me to driving them around the village occasionally - I get quite excited when I have enough junk to take a drive to the tip. I've just insured one of them to take advantage of the extended MOT, but I really have no justifiable reason to have them, other than somebody on here once told me they are supposed to live in pairs.
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  17. Day


    Your losing the love because you're not using it.
    Drive it.
    Finish it (enough to camp in) and go away in her.
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  18. Get rid of it, it's very liberating :)
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  19. This is my dilemma, do I just let her go and possibly regret it later on or sit tight until I get the love back. I don’t want to sit too long as how many “barnfinds” do you find where people have just let their once pride and joy just sit and rot
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