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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by truckergareth, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Mines in a garage connected to my house. Dry and damp free
  2. Still have to do the interior. Have a r&r bed. Carry a gas bottle and burner. No covers on the cushions. No sound deadening either so haven’t bothered with a radio yet
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  3. I would like to slow down a bit, too. But my classic motorcycle, is Nirvana at 7000 rpm.
  4. Get one of these instead.

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  5. Happy Days then!
    Big LCD telly in it, indoor lads room!
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  6. No need for that extension then!
  7. Mine gets used in fits and starts. Take a break from it. Use a tent. Go surf.

    Leave it so it won’t decay and just let your mojo come back.
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  8. There comes a time when you either live with it or sell it,
    I probably spent more than 35k over the time I had the second one,
    It depends on the person owning it ,some can drive around in a piece of crap but I couldn’t deal with it , I would spend money on it that didn’t need spending
    Even after that it was a hole in the bottom driver side door Frame probably about the size of a the average thumbnail and the noisy thrust bearing
    After I’d spent out on new clutch and Rancho recon gearbox That was enough For me
    Something I’d owned and loved for 24 years was sold in less 24 minutes
    So be careful you will never get it back :D
  9. That was the extension as the bus wouldn’t fit in the old garage
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  10. davidoft

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    You can always buy another and another and another and another, they arent rare or difficult to get hold of

    sold mine , bought something different, t25, jet ski, boat, motorcycle, radio controlled cars etc etc

    I don’t regret selling anything only regret keeping stuff cos I can’t buy something else I wanted, I would rather have a hundred things I wanted for a week each than leave stuff unused Or spend years and years promising myself I’ll finish it , lots of folks end up leaving stuff to the point it never gets used, luckily I’m to poor to be able to sit on stuff so sell sell sell :)
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  11. Make yourself feel better by looking at the resto section! :D

    I envy anyone with a driveable bus, rather than the static money pit I work on occasionally, and last drove 3 years ago.

    Drive it and rekindle the romance!
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  12. Merlin Cat

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    mice only got a bed in mine too but still use it for camping and driving about to cheer myself up :). I’ve just noticed a new oil leak on the drive tho!
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  13. Did you ever get your engine back, para?
  14. Your memories failing you rich you’ve asked me that a few times now
    I got a half built engine back
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  15. Funny, he keeps asking nurse if it's time for his bed bath :rolleyes:
  16. Exactly how I feel after still 'finishing' it 3 years later! :D
  17. Oi, Yorkie!
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  18. No you can't have anymore tablets.
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  19. What half are you missing? Did Mr X machine your case?
  20. You could take it along to Techenders in Sept. Let others give it a look over and lend their advice. Help you decide whether it’s a keeper or a seller.

    It looks like a tidy van and worth finishing.

    Not yet having a camping interior, I think you are probably missing out on a lot of the joy of owning a camper.

    do you like exploring and camping? if yes, you will love owning a finished camper. If not, then who are you doing it for?
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