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  1. I like being p*ssed during the day, means I can go to bed early.
    RE bath and booze tales, Years ago I was staying at this very old house with a mate and his girlfriend. They went for a meal. I went to the pub. Wobbled back and decided I would have a bath.Run bath got undressed and promptly fell asleep on the floor naked as the day I was born.Mate gets back saw a light shining through the BIG cracks in the bathroom door, much laughing from him and his girlfriend , I woke up in the morning.
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  2. Wow, I forgot about that
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  3. The photo is still on here I think...I was lucky in some respect, healed well, and was back to look handsome again within weeks, Only long term harm is a slight bit of nerve damage in my top lip, can sometimes affect my speech when I’ve got a really cold face.

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  4. I've seen your pictures. ..not pretty eh. Note to self, be very careful when using cutting tools. Just claim it's an old duelling scar, you ought to see the other person!
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  5. Merlin Cat

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    I was thinking about that one too! :)
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    On your restore thread Kev.

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  7. I joined the club.

    Was working under the bus and under the dash pulling through some extra wiring from the front of the bus ..

    I walked smartly round the front of the bus, grabbed the closed drivers door handle in my right hand and simultaneously tripped over the jack handle that was sticking out under the front just in front of the wheel.
    Avoided breaking my left wrist on the ground by keeping hold of the door handle , which resulted in my right elbow smashing into the B pillar. Dont seem to have done more than grazed my left hand slightly, but it hurts to move my right elbow.
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  8. Seems it's catching! What have you started @scrooge95 ? I was just putting some sticks/logs on the fire and I managed to get a splinter. Ok, no big deal I hear you say. This one was 40 mm long and 2mm wide! When I looked, it had buried itself all the way under my middle finger's nail bed right to the nail's quick. I pulled it out, tout suite, as it hurt like hell, but if I had the presence of mind, which I don't, I am a woosie, it would have made an interesting bloody photo as the red juice squirted out as the offending item was ejected. I am now bleeding out under my fingernail but interestingly there's not much evidence of what was a very sharp and very intense pain, similar to a badly stubbed toe. I know see why medieval torturers favoured fingernails....

    PS hope the thumb is getting better :)
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  10. Broken finger of blame! :D
  11. Oi you lot, I'm not taking responsibility for this... I'm on antibiotics I'll have you know. And I've still got a lump on my head! ;)

    @mikedjames Ouch. glad you didn't break the left wrist, but watch that right elbow. A hot bath, cup of tea, and tiger balm.

    @F_Pantos I can't actually spell the noise I made at the idea of 40mm splinters under fingernails... it was something like 'eeeyuuurghhhh'. Did I mention hot baths, tea and tiger balm? Works wonders!
  12. It's all your fault :rolleyes:. Now everyone's got Injury Envy.
  13. It's not too bad now, I just have one very warm and slightly swollen finger tip.

    Edit, it's throbbing a bit now :eek:
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  14. It was 12 months ago to the day that I was working late at the workshop, landlord had bought me a couple of 5ft led strip lights and I decided to fit one before going home.
    I was coming back down the ladder, probably one rung from the floor when it decided to shoot out from under me, I went full backwards just missing the bench and vice, landed first on my backside then slammed my head into the concrete. I don’t think I knocked myself out but time slowed down went dark then speeded up again. I recall letting out a little squeal on the way down.
    My luscious grey locks and Hayburner woolly hat just about saved me. I lay still for a few minutes doing the mental checklist with my hand on the back of my head then decided nothing was broken so rolled over, then saw my hand was covered in claret!
    I was on my own in the yard, wife and daughter were at the cinema 15 miles away, son was out on Friday after work drinks, I didn’t think it was worth calling an ambulance so I slowly locked up and walked the 10 minutes home with a big wad of kitchen roll held on the back of my head.
    I had a red shower, a brew and a peice of toast and felt ok ish.
    As soon as the girls arrived home they insisted on taking me to A&E where luckily you get seen quickly with a head injury.
    They shone some lights in my eyes and super glued the wound and sent me home.
    I dent thunk theyres bin amy lung trim affects , awl seams gourd know
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  15. I feel ill everytime that one comes up!..makes me more carefull when I use one though...

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  16. How many pints you had Fruitcake
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  17. What is :eek:?
  18. My finger :confused:
  19. You can see how far the piece of wood went in from the bruising, bit like a syringe needle.

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  20. Ouch!
    Bet you won’t do that again ;)
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