Just one of those days....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Getting off to a flying start in the 'One of Those days' stakes, I managed to stab myself in the fleshy part at the base of my thumb with a pruning knife, whilst out and about delivering trees today.
    It bled quite profusely, which I deemed to be a good thing (better out than in, nature's way of cleaning, blah blah blah, but mainly just because I didn't have any plasters), and by the time I got back to work to clean it up, it'd stopped and closed over (I do heal remarkably quickly for an old bird) so I didn't worry too much more.....

    .....Until a couple of hours later whilst back out driving around again, when my thumb joint swelled up to twice it's normal size, and the lower knuckle decided to emit the kind of pain normally associated with major trauma every time I touched it, bent it, tried to use it, or even just left it alone to hang immobile on my now rather useless right hand.

    Having struggled bravely through the rest of my day (with no-one to moan and whinge to), I've had a nice hot bath and a good cup of tea, as I firmly believe there's not much in this world that can't be sorted out if those two things are involved; but just to make sure, I have gone for the three pronged attack, and slavvered it in Tiger Balm. That'll sort it.

    I also managed to crack my head an absolute corker later in the day, whilst dropping an extremely heavy tree 'gently' onto a sack truck.
    It really is an amazing demonstration of physics and mechanics and the opposable forces of nature, the way the solid metal handle of a sack truck can snap forward when one is bending down to lower a heavy item onto it, connect sharply with the barely protected bone of an unsuspecting skull, and then retreat to it's resting position, all in the merest of split seconds - resulting in the type of pain where swear words are just not enough, and a lump the size of a cadburys cream egg on the forehead.
    The worse thing being that I actually know this happens, as I've done it before.... and yet, here we are again! The learning curve has not been steep I'm afraid.

    Oh yes it's been a great day all round. So also being a firm believer that trouble comes in threes, I'm off to bed now in the hope of outwitting the bad luck fairies.... and if you don't hear from me in a while, assume they got me anyway.
    Be careful folks, it's a jungle out there

    ;) :D
  2. Tomorrow might just be a better day. ...probably. ..with luck!
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  3. Dubs

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    I would prescribe some sort of alcoholic beverage of choice, to be taken in bed until sleep sets in...

    And perhaps chocolate.
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  4. Ooh nasty, take care, sending positive vibes.
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  5. I stood in dog s@#t
  6. Your day sounds like a condensed version of 2020...

    Hope it gets better.
  7. Hope you feel better soon and always remember - it could have been worse..........

    -it could have happened to me!
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  8. JamesLey

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    I managed to drop a gearbox on my foot today. Luckily I had my steel toe caps on, but still had the back end of the box scrape down my foot. :rolleyes:
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  9. Dead cert you're going to fall out of bed:thumbsup:
  10. :TTIWWP:
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  11. Have a red wine...for the antioxidants
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  12. It'll be hard to ignore, but keep an eye on that stab wound and go and get it seen to if it is inflamed. I know I shouldn't, and I'll get told off by all and sundry, but I stock up with antibiotic cream from the pharmacist when I'm abroad just for such eventualities, which are annoyingly frequent.
  13. Oh dear, good job I didn't see sack barrow attack. I would, like all friends have been helpless.........with laughter.

    Keep an eye on the thumb though:thumbsup:
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  14. Thanks. Of course it was a dirty blade, and sliced through a dirty pair of gloves.... which of course I didn’t take off because I had to keep on working.... I should’ve taken at bit more care at the time, and by the time I dealt with it, there was nothing to see.... all the nasty dirt was healed up inside.
    It actually hurts like hell and is very swollen.... from the stupidest, smallest of puncture wounds that you’d think was completely inconsequential.
    If it’s still not sorted and gone away by the time I finish work tomorrow, I’ll try and see a doc (if I can get through the 15 minute answer machine message about COVID); my tetanus is up to date but I’m guessing antibiotics might be needed. What a palaver! And the lump on my head is mahoosive too..... just as well it’s almost very nearly the weekend ;)
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  15. Ouch!!! Hope the steelies did their stuff and didn’t trap your toes?
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  16. I hate that! I hope you had shoes on, that stuff’s a bugger to get out from under your toe nails....
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  17. Voice of experience methinks!

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  18. davidoft

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    The the lump and the hand I just have a picture of John Merrick in my head ;)

    but to make you feel better and I wasn’t going to mention it , I’ve done myself a mischief this week, after limping around with what I thought was a back muscle twinge for a few weeks I almost climbed into my car Saturday morning to look at a van in “that London” I felt much painfulness I’m body, I limped back to house and crashed in through the back door as if escaping from a zombie attack much like is Sean of the dead , I attempted to sit on the couch but that wasn’t happening so a crawled upstairs and into my bedroom , whilst crawling across the floor I got stuck against the bed unable to move due to much ouchy ness flowing through my body :eek: , I rested for a while sweating and swearing and suchlike, everyone came to see how I was , after 4 hours curled up I decided that a cup of strong sweet tea would not make the pain subdue, I decided against both my stiff upper lip’d ness and my British manliness that it was necessary to call for assistance. They sent a flashy lights ambulance much to the annoyance of the sleeping old folks on the rest of the retirement island, the dosed me up with gas and air and copious amounts of morphine :chewie: , after only 1-1/2 hours they managed to get me down stairs and into the ambulance, not before I managed to grab a pizza from the children as I was wheeled past the dining roof door , I’ve been is hospital having the time of my life on a concoction of barbiturates, sticky toffee puddings, custard and lots of tea and biscuits, :food:after 6 days it seems the tea has done the trick and I’ll be home by lunch time tomorrow, crutches and copious amounts of drugs to keep me looking young and beautiful as always , if you need a week away I highly recommend it :thumbsup:

    here I am trying out the commode


    Ps not really , ooorrrr am I :D
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  19. :eek:
    Get well soon mate...:thumbsup:

    If you take your wallet out of your pocket ..it will put less strain on ya back.;)

    And take it easy....you're no spring chicken..:)
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  20. Don’t want to sound like your mum, but...if your thumb continues to swell/hurt, worth getting it looked at ASAP. Infections can spread quickly.

    Just thought I’d cheer you up ;)

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