Just one of those days....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. You know how if it’s light, you can’t be drunk?
    You know, you only get drunk in the evenings?
    Well, I used to frequent ‘the church’ many years ago in London. Busbys then kings cross.
    Started at 12 on a Sunday, finished at 16.00.
    All sorts of mayhem occurred.
    I remember one hot sunny day returning home after some imbibement and thinking “I’ll have a Bath”.
    It was the height of summer, very light, ergo - I can’t be drunk right? That is what my brain told itself.
    Then I started to shave. Never before has so much damage been done to one face in one go!!
    And I only had (still have) bum fluff that could’ve been removed by the opening of the car window on the way home!! :)
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  2. Poptop2

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    To @scrooge95 and @davidoft I have met one of you and can’t say I’m surprised your back is up the creek you’re a grafter and a bit of a numpty. I’m beginning to suspect the other ailing person is too. ;)

    Hope you’re both on the mend :)
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  3. I've met them both and only agree on the numpty part!
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  4. Oi!
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  5. When I read this post I was certain that it was by @crossy2112!

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  6. I think @crossy2112 waxes :thumbsup:
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  7. True, actually. Being p*ssed during the day doesn't seem real o_O
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  8. Early Learning Centre do a range of plastic cutlery :thumbsup:
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  9. Back in the building :D
  10. All limbs/digits still attached?
  11. Could be worse...
  12. All appendages present and correct :eek:
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  13. @Suss was in the queue at Barrington' waxing house at the same time as me, so he knows it's true :)
  14. It's been months since Baz had his nails done. Lockdown, eh :rolleyes:?
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  15. Moons

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    You can stick you mix tape up your ar*e.

    Always a literal man.


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  16. Aaah, Antibiotics and Volterol...... Happy Friday everyone
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  17. all amateurs compared to I think it was @Kruger and the angle grinder to the face a few years back
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  18. :thumbsup:
  19. That sounds horrendous. ...hope he made a good recovery.
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