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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by kilmo, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. JK make this KIT they add the hose and regulator
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    Hi All,

    I'm back in the office early - which is just as well as it looks like things haven't gone as I'd hoped while I was away :(

    Shaun had a similarly epic and frustrating trip trying to get the relevant connector from every hardware store, kitchen supplier, motor home/caravan parts center, plumbers yard etc in the area around JK HQ and his house, with similarly disappointing results.
    I've literally only just got to my desk, so I'm not sure why Shaun hadn't contacted Kilmo to let him know that he couldn't get the part, but I'll be sending him a PM in a moment.

    With regards to the kit as a whole, we've been in contact with Propex who have sent us a load of information and completely clarified the workings of the kit and it's installation for us.
    Essentially, we were incorrect when we said that the kit was complete.
    This may seem a bit obvious now, but as far as my understanding goes this is the first instance we've had of anyone saying they didn't have everything they need and so we thought that we'd put together everything someone would need to successfully install a Propex unit.
    We now have a lot more information from Propex, and will be amending the kit as soon as we're able (most likely first thing on Monday) by updating both the contents and the description on our website.

    I'd like to personally apologise to Kilmo and anyone else who has been inconvenienced and let down by the missing component from the kit.
    We will be making sure that the contents and description are corrected as soon as physically possible to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

    I'll be contacting Kilmo in a moment to try and sort all of this out, and I really hope we can get something sorted for him.

  3. On Saturday after a freezing Friday night in the van I did a 30 mile round trip to a caravan / tow bar centre and found a 1/4 inch to Fulham connector,
    quick wrap in PTFE and a tighten up, spray of leak detector and boom! Lovely hot air!
    So returned back to campsite, if we hadn't found it we were going home!

    Will wait and see what JK customer services have to say.

    My wife is yellow snowed off at me now for wasting all this time chasing after the parts to create a complete kit.
    Wish I had just bought it from T2 customs and there fitting kit.
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  4. pleased you got it sorted, have heat and were able to have a weekend camping. it does seem to be more problematic than it needs to be but now you can be smug in the knowledge that you have heat and some of us are still too scared to commit so money :)
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    Really glad you were able to get the part eventually Kilmo, have just had a word with our Customer Service Manager and he's on the case :thumbsup:
  6. Haven't Hurd a thing from your customer service manager!
  7. Josh_JK

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    Seriously? :confused:
    I'll have a word when he gets in!

    Thanks for letting me know, and sorry that he hasn't been in touch yet


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