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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by kilmo, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Corgi is irrelevant these days as it no longer exists. How old are the units?
    It's Gas Safe now and even that isn't set in stone. I believe you just have to be "competent".
  2. Josh_JK

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    You're right, my mistake - it says on page 2:

    "a) Installation and servicing of this appliance must only be carried out by persons registered with the Gas Safe Register (GB), Corgi (NI) or the relevant national organisation..."

    The units are brand new, just my typing that isn't up to scratch :oops:

  3. Reading your reply,
    So you do supply 8mm copper pipe with the kit then to cornect to the heater unit as that's the only way
  4. I needed 2feet, yes, feet, of copper pipe and my local caravan spares place sold me 2 feet for a couple of quid. Job done.
  5. I'm reading it as they don't supply copper pipe. But the rubber hose can be connected directly to the unit.

    Josh could you post a photo of your colleagues connection as everywhere Iv seen on the net makes out you need a length of copper pipe
  6. kenregency

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    kilmo if your going to volksworld i will give you a foot of copper as i needed some for my kit and striped out a bit from a job that i was doing
  7. Josh_JK

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    That's probably how I should have written it - The copper pipe isn't supplied, but the rubber hose can be connected directly to the unit and secured with the jubilee clips provided :thumbsup:

    I've also had confirmation from our purchasing manager that the heating unit is complete, but the connection to the gas bottle is left down to the customer, as there are different ways of doing it. If this has confused people then I'll work on altering the description to make it clearer as we obviously don't intend to mislead or confuse anyone.

    The fact that you needed 2 feet and other people have used considerably less is why neither we nor Propex supply this pipe - everyone has the units mounted in different places using different methods so we wouldn't know how much pipe you'd need, and you wouldn't either until you had the unit in hand to measure it up and put it together.

    Trying to get a spare moment to get out to Shaun's bus with him, but we're a bit short staffed today and the phones just keep on ringing so we can't get out there just yet

    I hope this has cleared things up a little :thumbsup:
  8. Josh_JK

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    Here's a photo of Shaun's set up:


    It's actually surprisingly simple, I hadn't seen one set up before.

    The jaffa gas hose connects to the gas regulator which goes on the bottle, then the unit is connected to the power and that's pretty much it :thumbsup:

    Not sure how people have set theirs up that uses copper pipe to be honest, but this one definitely works :D

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  9. Now I'm confused!
    You do supply the connection to the gas bottle, the regulator fits directly onto the hose.
    And your saying the hose can be fitted directly to the propex so no need for any additional parts.

  10. Nice one thank's josh!
    Makes sense now
  11. On the fitting of these you should be gas safe, the old saying if you are competent is ok is rubbish, you are only competent till something goes wrong then the sh.. Hits the fan
  12. You mean you noticed the oversized clip holding the flexi on the spigot?
  13. I believe there is a small length of copper pipe beneath that jaffa hose connecting into the brass elbow.

    Can't take credit for this as Fritt gave me the heads up on this but a link to the fulham connection is here......

  14. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    i agree there is a 50mm piece of pipe in there under that clip
  15. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    there has to be a short pipe to put jubilee on as i said earlier kilmo if your going to volksworld i will give you a foot of copper as i needed some for my kit and striped out a bit from a job that i was doing
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  16. Thank you for the very kind offer, I need to get heating installed this week as I'm away in the van at the weekend, I think I have found a local source if needed
  17. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    the nut has only a short bit to put clip on as it has a olive inside i have just kampers kit easy install
    i used a foot to keep the rubber pipe away from propex and regulator straight on hose with clip like all the others done on here
  18. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    any plumber will have offcut:thumbsup:
  19. Why have a piece of pipe, an olive and a nut when you can just screw on a one piece fulham connector which is the correct fitting for the flexible pipe anyway?
  20. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    as i thought a gas connector has to be away from heat

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