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  1. So you used a longer bit than we suspect in the photo up there? ^
    Seriously, it shouldn't get hot there. My eber has a plastic fuel pipe plonked straight onto the heater in the same way.
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Wrong. If you're a competent person nothing will go wrong. You don't need to be gas-safe to install a propex.
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  3. Quite right. I can wire a socket too - I don't need a professional for that either. Oh - hang on, I do! Stupid world. Doh!
  4. Well it has been delivered 8:15 this morning less then 19 hours after ordering!
    I will look when I get home and see what I can do
  5. So to recap the
    This Propex Heatsource Kit will save you money by giving you all the components you need to fit the Propex unit into your vehicle.( apart from one annoying bit thats hard to get hold of.)

    normally their kits have more bits than you need
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Since when has it been hard to get hold of an (indeterminate) length of copper pipe?
    To be honest I can see why its not included but agree that it should be made clear in the product description.
  7. Well I'm home and yellow snowed off at JK there is no included way of connecting to the propex

    "Quick Overview

    This Propex Heatsource Kit will save you money by giving you all the components you need to fit the Propex unit into your vehicle."

    I'm angry! And feel mis sold! This was the whole point of asking on this thread,
    That might be the most expensive propex sold if the part required doesn't materialise I won't touch JK again

    I know the little fitting is £3 online but it's not the point it's sold as a complete kit and its not! I need heat in the van this weekend
  8. Told you so:)
  9. Thanks
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    you can get anywhere for about £2 or £3 plumbers merchant or on internet,,whoops sorry just read back you already know that:)
  11. Just buy an Eberspaecher.
  12. Wow these comments are getting even more useful
  13. We aim to please :)
  14. The world of dub eh? It can be infuriatingly random if you're in a hurry and expect 100% perfect service and parts, but you have to remember JK were probably hippies once with a camper they bought for £50... one thing led to another and before you know it they're a huge warehouse parts operator and got a kit wrong. Kid's grown up and wants to take over as well. If I were *Mark Reynolds I'd give 51% of the shares to the lad, buy a nice camper and set off on the dividends. You only live once, he's going to get it in the end, enjoy life. :D

    *I've never met Mark Reynaoldss, probably spelt it wrong. I'm just guessing.
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  15. not a useful comment but i've been watching this thread as i had planned to buy the jk propex kit but tbh can do without the stress of missing parts etc.
    *goes to check bluebird customs kit*
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  16. You should try my job! Delays, delays, delay, delays, parts missing, parts won't fit, parts need adapting or making from scratch.
    At the end of the day JK will get the message and it's only a widely avaiable £2 bit. Annoying if you let it annoy you. Me, I have to let all this Marmitee wash over me as there's so much of it!
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  17. Isnt the standard propex connection 8mm copper compression and anything else is non-standard. It not recommended to feed em with a flexi is it so why would they supply the connection.
  18. everything annoys me atm - don't need jk to add to it :mad:
  19. Shouldn't everybody's garage have a big pile of stuff for these just in case moments... Odd compression joints copper pipe wire too many nuts bolts and screws bits of something you know you won't need but just can't throw out, you know, just incase!
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  20. I know this may not help but I have a straight Fulham connector on my propex at the moment. The way I see it the gas is going into a brass connection as opposed to a small bit of copper and then into brass.

    Its the same thing surely, again just my view.

    You should be able to go down to a caravan place or plumbers place and pick up the piece real easy.

    I know its not the point BUT you can have it done and installed in a day.

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