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  1. If I was home I would send you my Fulham connector and do a swap with you. Can you wait til Tuesday?
  2. Going from creeking memory when I did mine, its categorised as a fixed appliance so would require being hard plumbed in with a means of isolating the gas supply adjacent. I think its down to common sense really....if the gas bottle is next to it and the flexi is short as against the bottle being at one end of the van the heater at the other and a very long flexi run between....done to avoid running any copper.
    Either way without a Fulham connector one cannot connect the flexi. Pushing it on to a straight piece of copper pipe and fixing with a jubilee clip or similar is an invitation to a disaster.
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    Hi All,

    Let me try sort this out and make an honest attempt to try stem all the anti-JK anger that's flying about in here :confused:

    First and foremost I'd like to personally apologise to Kilmo.
    Honestly, if I'd have known that the part wasn't going to be in there then I'd have just told you from the off and saved us both the resulting drama.
    As it stands we've messed up and let you down, so I'll be heading out to pick up the missing part and getting it sent out to you as soon as possible free of charge. Hopefully it makes it to you in time as I'm not in the office on Thursday or Friday.
    I'll send you a PM in a moment to find out exactly what it is that you need and where is best to have it delivered to.

    At the end of the day, we are human, and we do **** up from time to time, just like everyone else.
    As has been said several times over several threads, how we correct the problem is what makes a difference.

    Once I've found out from Kilmo exactly what he requires I'll go and get a load of them, send one over to him as a matter of urgency and then personally see to it that the rest of the missing parts go in to the kits we currently have in stock, and that all the descriptions and text that goes with the products is amended to make it perfectly clear what is and is not included in the kit.

    If anyone has any comments or queries about this or any other issues they've had with JK please do just let me know, my direct JK email address is josh.reynolds@justkampers.co.uk (but please be advised that after today I won't be back in the office until Monday).

    Thanks in advance
    Josh Reynolds
    Just Kampers
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    well done josh cant be more fair than that:)
  6. Guys. In defence of JK - I bought their kit a few months and it is sitting in my pile of things to fit. Just had a look and I do have that brass connector, that is shown as 'not included' in picture above. The issue is that it is designed to take 8mm pipe (has olive under the nut) so to use it would require a short length of copper onto which the rubber tube could then be attached by a jubilee or some other suitable connector. So best remedy would be for JK to add a short length of 8mm copper and we would all be happy, or provide an alternative fitting that would allow rubber hose to be safely connected.
  7. Like he said i would be concerned with just having the flexy pushed on the pipe they make a barbed connector for a reason

  8. Looks like a good response and I suppose if you adverytise that everything is included then it should be but a bit of a grey area I would have thought in that the unit is "supposed" to be fed with solid copper piping (I think it says that in the instructions). If there is a gas system already in the bus then you would either need to tee into this or provide some method of connection. If doing it from scratch we are looking at Gas Bottle, Valve, manifold, pipework and all the unions and fittings required to get it where it needs to be an make the final connection to the heater. We all know the easiest way is to hjave a bottle, flexi-pipe and fit a barb to the heater and its job done, and a lot of us have done this or similar.
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    Good work Josh
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    Just to keep everyone updated:

    I've been in touch with Kilmo who has provided everything we need to get the part he's missing out to him, so hopefully he'll be able to get the heating sorted in his bay by the weekend.

    We've also been in touch with Propex and are awaiting a reply from them. Once we've heard back we'll be able to make a better decision about what to do with the kits we've put together. I'll keep you up to date with this as much as I can, but I'll be working out of the office on Thursday and Friday and so won't be able to get back here until Monday morning.

    As always, if you've got any questions, comments or concerns please do just let me know, my email address is in my signature :thumbsup:

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  11. Just to keep everyone updated its Friday and Iv herd nothing since Wednesday i dont know if the part Needed is going to drop through the letterbox or not!
    The propex is fitted except for the gas connection.
    Yesterday i went to plumb centre who had nothing, local catering kitchen supplier (recommended by plumb centre) who then recommended a caravan shop 15 miles away they had sold out of the part needed but had a 3/8ths connector but no way of reducing it, then went to screwfix / tool station and wickes to see if they had a reducer and drew a blank.
    I spent over 4 hours driving around and even the wife has joined in the search.

    This was ment to be a complete kit! I did not want this problem, Josh has been good a communication but until the kit is complete my family and me will freeze this weekend (we are away in the van)and I am a lot of money and time out of pocket.

    Not a happy customer.
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    Cue some more JK bashing.....
    Clearly they missed a part, but to be fair they've put it in the post to you. Post being post it'll take a few days.
  13. There appears to be some confusion here. Propex say hard plumb it in. JK supply the fitting with olive for this purpose, but you have to supply the 8mm copper pipe to suit your circumstances.

    It seems to me that the part that's "missing" wouldn't conform to the fitting instructions anyway so in fact JK would be wrong to supply it?
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    i agree zed, all i got was the elbow compression outlet from the back of the propex, all pipework from there on wasn't listed as supplied by propex, i purchased 8mm pipe and t'd compression fittings plus jaffa flexi gas pipe and regulator afterwards - seems like kit confusion?
  15. I may have already pointed this out diplomatically. Possibly, and Im not sure, the OP saw a "kit" advertised and perhaps the description was misleading (I havent read it) implying that everyting required to fit it was in the kit. If so then youd expect a gas botle - regulator, manifold ....etc, etc.

    Iva actually got mine on a flexible pipe as I didnt have the fittings or pipe available at the time (old imperial stuff as original gas install)
  16. Direct from JK

    Quick Overview

    This Propex Heatsource Kit will save you money by giving you all the components you need to fit the Propex unit into your vehicle.
  17. If it was supplied with a regulator and the necessary hose but no means of connecting the hose in an approved manner to either the heater itself (not really desirable) or the copper tail as stated by the manufacturer then that statement, in my opinion, is erroneous . Alas not something peculiar to your supplier, it just depends on the ability/thinking of the person who creates the "kit" in the first place.
    Not bashing Jk just an observation based on experience in the use of the word kit and its implication in general
  18. I get your point! They have therfore made the assumption there will be a gas system!
  19. Don't think so they supply a regulator and bottle holder for a new install, all they are missing is a £2 connector

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