Jaywick - How did it get that bad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Feb 8, 2015.

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    My Nan used to live there when I was a kid. It's always been a dive - I used to spend a week there every summer. I'm not surprised it's gone worse - it was chalets and bingo.
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    Grays is pretty bad from what I saw when delivering to the GP's.
  4. It is truly horrible. I genuinely feel for those forced to live there. :(
  5. @zed found somewhere to dump your boats!
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  6. Winner :thumbsup:
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  7. You have never been to Sheerness then
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    The only interesting thing about this place is the road names, all old car names
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    Notice it says England - the fact that there are places like that in Wales and Scotland and perhaps worse doesn't register.

    But then they were Labour strongholds and always will be I guess.

    Looking at it on google earth - most of it looks fine, and the crappy streets look like holiday villa's ....maybe they have that not enough people in residence to get proper council tax paid etc.
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  10. Looks like the kind of place that gets flooded all the time, all the chalets are up on plinths. Probably was just holiday homes without planning control. So now you can't get insurance so it's not worth spending a penny on anything. One day the sea will clean it up, in the meantime a great place to dump your useless junkie brother or divorced husband.

    Bet it comes OK in the summer. Good for swimming and fishing I bet.
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  13. me too ,but I do think it's fun...:thumbsup:
  14. I NEVER watch this stuff but I might tonight to see what their perspective is.
    @Mrs Top Banana Racing is still in a state of shock.
    We saw three generations of one family, the eldest wasn't much more than 30!
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    Me neither but so am I, Might see you driving by pulling a trailer and Zed dumping his boat ;)
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  16. If they filmed it Saturday, it's possible!
  17. Or mattresses or any other junk !!!
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  18. Jaywick is on channel 5 right now
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    37k a year i'm in the wrong job
  20. i never watch these but i switched on beforehand n did you see them pimped up cars n mad drivers in lincoln:eek: now this , i can see the attraction :eek:

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