It's now or never...

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Ermintrude, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Well I'm just glad I've got the rollover for when this all happens .... "Kudos!"
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  2. You won't find what you're looking for under the bonnet :rolleyes:
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  3. Havent you finished that little job yet :eek:

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  4. oh yeah! My interior is still in too, so that would've made a bit of a mess! :D

    It would've been nice to have worked on a shell but time/£ and needing to get out in it as soon as possible, it was never going to happen.
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  5. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    It doesn't have high gloss like a top coat but definitely leaves a clean finish. Looking good!
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  6. that's where his fuel filler hose is and his dodgy wiring - the noisy cupboard has nowt to do with me! :D
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  7. nearly! :p

    Saturday I'll be waxing the carp out of it :D
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  8. I've been looking at ways to add weight around the roof to balance the running gear that I'd rather pick around than take off ......
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  9. it was sprayed on so think it's a bit more eggshell. as long as it protects, i don't care. this is my topcoat!
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  10. Should have known better after my first car of four years being a 1303 .... VLA 878 M ... Can you tell I miss him?
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  11. good idea. around the gearbox is the hardest to get to - i have no fingernails or knuckles left :oops:
  12. good going :thumbsup:

    the end is in sight :D
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  13. Ah good ... Gearbox not in, or engine, just everything else :D
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  14. I'll be racing towards the doombar in a field!

    Got a few electrical bits to maybe sort at techenders and will probably still be cleaning it :D
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  15. A well deserved one too! But, dont sup it all, save some for the latecomers :D
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  16. Wow , looks fantastic

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  17. after the last few months, i really can't promise that! :beer::burp:
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  18. running gear is going black - so i can easily identify what folk are talking about! :D
  19. Are you sure you dont drink Carling :D
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    a) it's lager
    b) it's rubbish lager
    c) i'd never be able to take the yellow stuff out of @1973daisey again if i did!
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