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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Ermintrude, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Air freshener and flower holder?
  2. Guinness time?
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  3. The Guard on your Grinder.....Safety first :D
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  4. I couldn’t find it. I found the guard from my old one but it didn’t fit. :(

    I did wear big gloves though!
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  5. Will that be a problem?
  6. And Goggles hopefully ? when i did the body work on mine a bit of metal bounced off my cheek passed the glasses and into my eye. 4 days later i had the A&E doctor poking around my eye with a scalpel blade...which was fun !
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  7. there's a LOT of cleaning to do first - may have to take the meile to techenders! :eek:
  8. Sticky relay, perhaps?
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  9. oh yes!

    .... but.... similar thing has happened to me and i'll be visiting a&e tonight :oops: I thought it'd get better but it hasn't :(

    When i first did the bus in nottingham I was a regular at eye casualty - nitromors was the most painful but apparently getting alkaline in your eyes is much worse!
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  10. maybe. he wouldn't even 'click' but once it came back it was ok again. first time it's ever happened.
  11. Also check the earth wire coming off the steering column stalk, you should be able to see it if you take the rear dash cover off, its a brown wire on mine, but there's 5 years between them, so it could be different, its unlikely it changed, but anything is possible.
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  12. i do need to pay dougal some attention soon - he's always a real trooper and does get used and abused :oops: I need to change his fuel intake hose too so will have my head under his bonnet soon after techenders.
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  13. It’s in sight!
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  14. woohooo! :chewie:
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  15. It’s not the way I would have done it
    But your stuck with it now
    That stonechip is a bugger to remove
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  16. After more degreasing, washing and h80 the only thing left to do (I wish it was the only thing!) was to start painting.

    Epoxy mastic in white - I like the idea of it but have worried many times that it was a daft one.


    Am liking it. [​IMG]
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  17. HOW I wish I could get on to doing this stuff .... but YOU are, so I don't have to :D:thumbsup::hattip:
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  18. haha! ermmm... i'm not sure it works like that!

    I ended up sanding the rust above the gearbox and gubbins with tiny bits of sandpaper on my fingers and using tiny brushed to get the rust converter on - most of itwas then sprayed on, phew! It's a pig of a job with everything still in place but hopefully worth it to get it protected. *crosses fingers*
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    Yay! Epoxy Mastic makes it all shiny and new.
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  20. mine isn't shiny :( i got worried because it wasn't and thought it'd be porous and soak up all the rain and mud!:eek:

    A reassuring call from Pete at B-H put my mind at ease. i expected it to be less like primer and more of a sheen, but having never used it before...:rolleyes::D
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