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  1. Picture 3 , where the metal pipe goes through the tin ware... ?
    Gets nasty when the tin wears through the pipe ,
    Very easy to overlook but needs sorting .
    Summat else - sorry

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  2. I did wonder when I took the pic. Not ordered kit yet as peter mechanic has told me to stand down until he has a look at the set up.

    As he’ll be sorting it, I think it’s s good call. :)
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  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Jesus, isn’t this finished yet?
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  5. Aren't all of our campers Forth Bridges?[​IMG]

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  6. Hmm, certainly had your monies worth out of that one @Ermintrude
    JC on a bicycle, 90 notes for a bit of hose
  7. And just as pretty.

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  8. What's jezza got to do with it?
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  10. He's a keen cyclist?

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  11. It’s now or never time to get off with treesa init ?
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  12. One in my ongoing heritage basket
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    That explains a lot.....

  14. Other than leaks and fuel hose shenanigans- I now know so much more about my set up, thank you all - there has been some more done.

    The hole in the cargo floor was patched up. Didn’t get a pic before it was stonechipped. Not sure why stone chip as it’s going to be painted but I guess it’ll help protect if I don’t get pans back on before techenders.

    Seams also sealed where new sills in. Outrigger still needs sorting, guess the stonechip will have to come off?

    While mick was doing that and spraying the sill body colour, I was rust fighting the centre belly pan [​IMG]

    Still the corners to get with the mini belt sander but ran out of time.
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  15. Will drain the tank next and remove leaky hose and kill rust behind them. May change the in line filter too :D

    Trevor is getting lighter.
    I think there’s some of Eddie’s field here too! Mudflaps will be fitted but poss another techenders job.
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  17. i think mick maybe sprayed it by mistake as it needs welding :confused:
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  18. Looks like a different bus, sure you didn't do a switcheroo on us? ;)
  19. Hopefully might get round to doing my front ones at techenders. Maybe...!
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  20. Just seen this and the pictures of your set up.

    I'm certainly no expert and didn't fit mine but I guess you need exactly what I got as our set ups seem v similar. (see previous post of mine for exactly what I had)

    My fuel line comes into the engine bay through a rubber grommet. I have a malapassi fuel filter. The 8mm kuniffer hard fuel line runs behind my fan housing between the Two dellorto carbs. Others have rubber pipe between the carbs. I have a mechanical fuel pump.

    I'm pretty sure you need some 7.?mm (just under 8mm) rubber fuel pipe as well as the 5.6mm stuff.

    I'll try and show Peter you photos and my set up, when I collect my bus.

    Plus I'll leave my spare bits, but I still think you will need some bigger rubber fuel pipes, a t piece and some step type thingy
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