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  1. i need to do front and back. orrr, you practice on yours then do mine while i rest because i've done loads and am sooooo tired? :D
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  2. Thank you!

    If you could show peter, that'd be great! i'll definitely need 7.6mm but not ordered yet as i may have a supplier ;) and peter said to wait until he's seen it as he thinks the amount in the kit may be too much(?)
    he's going to make sure i'm safe and good to go for techenders and when i get back book in for service and MOT - time isn't on my side. eeek!
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  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha
    I do like your sense of humour ;)
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  4. bah... worth a go. maybe

    i am bloody knackered and it's not finished yet. i may just sleep all weekend at techenders :oops:
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  5. Lazy caaaaaaa
  6. Hi hooooooo!
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  7. Yes and they eat there young ...and hit people very hard in the face if they wear shoes in summer . ;) Just joking Yorkies we are as bad in peak district .
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  8. You oft again ?
    Go beat that rust into submission, champ :D
    *theme from Rocky plays in the background
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  9. Did you decide against epoxy mastic?
  10. Great progress keep up the good work

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  11. :D
  12. No. It’ll be going on soon. Hopefully.
  13. Getting there. Slowly.
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  14. Over the stonechip?
  15. Apparently. Mick said it’d be ok. The stone chip is only on the sills and a bit under the cargo floor where side pans will eventually go.
  16. No pics tonight as it was just work with a final ‘head in the engine bay’ trying to work out my new found knowledge of the noisy cupboard workings.

    The yomp home ‘up ‘ill and dahn dale’ is usually a nice one with not a soul in sight and very little light pollution.

    That is until the bug full beam decides to stay on!

    Suddenly all the traffic in the world came towards me wanting to kindly and politely let me know that I still had my full beams on!

    I tried everything to switch back but no click of the stalk and no change. I even turned the lights on and off again - like a cloak of invisibility in the darkness - but full beam was still stuck on.

    Bizarrely, as soon as I hit street lights and road humps the bugger clicked to main beam like nothing had happened.

    I’m guessing a bad earth?
    Or just a bug crying out for attention?
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  17. Had a similar scenario in my modern golf. The self levelling arm for the HID headlights broke which resulted in the lights bouncing up when you hit a bump and down on the next bump.

    Suffice to say every up bump there was a car coming. It’s not as if people don’t get yellow snowy with you for having HIDs... redirect them into oncoming traffic and it’s as if you’ve set fire to their pets!!
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  18. About to put my heritage order through and wondering if there's something a bit better than the corrugated ali air intake hose - they tend to get a bit squished.
  19. Also, if there's anyone has seen on my pics that is missing and i need to add to the order - running to the finishing line.
    well, stumbling and tripping over my big boots mostly :oops:
  20. Finish line in sight ;)
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