Installing Dellorto DRLA 40's onto Type 4 2.0L Motor

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by andyo, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Only because I have seen it mentioned time and again....fuel filter in the engine bay....dangerous?
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  2. lol - that was only temporary and isnt there any more. Its where it should be and i have a reducer on the pipe now.
  3. I believe they are the other way around if you use a hex bar set up!
  4. They are, which is what confused me earlier.
  5. Yes they are as I currently have the hex bar linkage installed, Can the carbs just be turned around and therefore have the vaccum outlet on the inside and all the mixture screws or is it a case of swapping from side to side instead?

    I have a bell crank arriving tomorrow with any luck, so one of my weekend jobs is getting this done. :)
  6. The studs would be wrong on the manifold to bolt them up...the other way i guess would to change the side that the leaver is on, but that is also a no no according to the Dellorto book
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  7. Didnt think of that!!

    So an extra long vac pipe is needed then :D
  8. OK - just a general update. Finally got another couple of hours in on the bus - sorted the high idle as this was due to the throttle stops being too wide open. I had set these as per the Dellorto book but seems I was way out. Turned these both a full 4.5 turn before she idled at 1000 rpm. I had also set the idle screws in by a full turn (taking them to 2 turns out). Seems to idle OK and rev OK, perhaps a slight miss and a bit of hesitation when one blips the throttle. Going to give her a drive tomorrow, as it's an arse to get the camper out of where we put he for winter - so will see then. She needs to make it a few miles to Harry Harpics where he can give them a fettle on Saturday morning. So ANOTHER week of waiting......

    Re-fitted the bell crank and did not need any extensions.

    Also managed to mess up fitting the cork gasket on one of the rocker covers - muchio oil on the floor when revving the engine for timing purposes - oops
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  9. Keep up the good work. Got mine booked in for rolling road in a coupl;e of weeks.
  10. Cheers Dicky, we expect a full RR report, inc the statement ' so much power at the wheels, almost broke their rollers...' :)
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  11. Theres 5/5 of FA chance of that. Factory 69 would be good! It aint no racing car!
  12. Still not Rolling Roaded, want to ensure all is reasonably heathy in order to get a worthwhile session. Problem now is I have power in 1,2,3rd but in 4 nada. The tech book states this: [​IMG]

    We have inspected the manual pump and all looks well, whats the best way to test?

    Could this be down to poor jetting as well?

    I now have 28, 140, 58, 180, 9164.2 and 33's installed.
  13. what size vents are you using?
  14. Last line of his previous post. I didn't spot it either I think he edited.

    It should go fine with those jets and venturi
  15. What was the performance like in 4th with the original carb?
  16. I agree that's similar. To what im running

  17. Sorry yes, a speedy edit ;)

    Max 45 / 50 mph atm. Old carb was fine 70+ mph (at a push)

    Maybe the pump is at fault, float heights set correctly.
  18. have you checked that you are getting full throttle at the carbs?
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  19. Quick question gents - how to you set the idle speed on these Dells?
    Ours were fitted by the previous owner, and I have no info on them. Idle speed is currently approx 595RPM and needs to be 950 as ours is an auto.
  20. 95% throttle ish, so not the issue. Fine in other gears as I say

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