Installing Dellorto DRLA 40's onto Type 4 2.0L Motor

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  1. The CB hex bar is fine ,you just need special arms at the carb end so you can fine adjust using original adjusters not the right\left hand threads
  2. Can you elaborate on this. I've got DRLA's on my type 4 with the CB hex bar. Got the full kit from E.C. Never been fully happy with the opening rate being the same and after many hours of trying i've sort of give up. It's always at the back of my mind though. Was thinking of going to bell crank but would rather fix what i already have. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. the left carb linkage is vertical but the right side is at an angle!!! after many hours of messing on this is the way it works best.
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  4. My money is it's the wrong kit ......
  5. So she runs!!!!!

    Today was not without its challenges, firstly the stock air cleaner tower needed to be cut in order to fit the drivers side carb. Then the HT leads got in the way of the linkage:


    Went to my local motor factors and he got be out of trouble for now.

    Can't say that I have found the linkage too short, yet. Was running out of time when she started, idle was very high. That could be down to the arms being too short (seem to return to stops ok) or more likely I need to adjust the idle screws.

    Bummer is I can't do anything this weekend so will be almost a fortnight till I can get a chance to fettle.....oh well just glad she starts and runs for now and the eBay carbs are not duds!

    Thanks to everyone that's given advice so far, hopefully on the home straight - time will tell.

    Also fitted a breather that runs to the valve covers.

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  6. Not sure what you have got going on with your HT leads but they are wrong , maybe got the fronts and back ones round Wong way ?
  7. There all the same just varying lengths (of ht lead). The plugs at the front are quite a way down because if the tinwear. So need the long reach type, just not at the back.
  8. Turn the whole carb around?
    You'd have to move the linkage base, but it would then not foul the HT leads.

    This is ours, albeit with hex bar linkage.
    View attachment 9518
  9. Just fit the correct HT caps as these are the wrong ones. Easy fix. Dont turn the carbs round!!. If youve got it to start and run at fast idle then disconnect the linkages. You should have gapped the throttles prior to fitting to ensure that both carbs are starting from the same point. If that is the case then whatever you do on one side with the idle screw you must do with the other and if you lose the plot then take em off and re-gap. Once desired idle is reached then reconnect the linkage bars ensuring thatyou do them evenly and this doent effect the idle. Not difficult as they are left and right hand threads.

    But change those caps and fouling problem is no more!
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  10. Fair enough. Have you got a photo of yours @Dicky?
  11. Been looking and cant find any on my puter. Could take some.Sure I posted some on here.
  12. [​IMG]

    Its the wrong engine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it should be one of those old fashioned type ones,works fine with the hex bar linkage.Just need to get the right sort of oil now.

  13. thats not correct they should be more like these

  14. Not fantastic but here goes:
    Dell left.jpg Dell right.jpg
  15. LInkage (cable has been re-routed since) Dell linkage.jpg
  16. I may have missed something on this thread but with the bell crank do the carbs have to be turned around 180° from normal?
  17. Yep, don't think there is another option...
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  18. Bugger!

    Thats another job then....

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