HUEY 1978 Westy Champagne special eddition

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  1. Just ordered a consumer unit from xtreme van. Important job before the camping season starts. Thanks to rickyroos thread I don't feel safe with the setup I have at the moment.
  2. 20160425_182841.jpg Just arrived today. I think it'll be a simple job to swap over. No need to add or change any wiring.
  3. 20160425_182921.jpg It can live here next to the charger. The mains in lead will only be about 10 inches long.
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  4. Got loads done this week.
    First off, new exhaust and cat replacement pipe
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  5. Got a new dipstick boot and alternator boot from Paul Weeding last year. Made from some special kind of rubber. Can't remember the name. Fitted those today. The last boot from stateside tuning only lasted a week.
    20160430_132440.jpg 20160430_132601.jpg
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  6. Fully fitted and tested new consumer unit.
  7. Very happy with it. Looks nice and neat and should be a lot safer.
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  8. To round the week off fitted a new exhaust to the bug.
  9. Tired and skint now.
    20160430_150004.jpg This is a brand new boot from vwh and it has a split in it when I took it out of the bag.:(
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    @vinnyboy where did you get exhaust from please?
  11. Got them both from vwh. Seem very well made. Nice thick steel and very heavy. Also a good fit.
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    Thanks. Have you kept a cat converter on the bus? Is it a 2 litre? The end pipe fell off mine somewhere so mine ends at the box now, I just wondered how little I could get away with replacing :)
  13. Yes mine was a 2ltr with FI. Running carbs now. The cat that was on was very rusty and dented and someone had removed all of the insides . I fitted a cat replacement pipe and silencer but reused the tail pipe. You can get all these parts separate.
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  14. Worth looking on ebay. My beetle exhaust was £20 cheaper than the vwh website. Still the same service and free delivery.
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  15. Dropped down to page 5 so hopefully this year I'll use my van a lot more and take photos on my new iPad. Just removed the jk cover, put the battery on and drove round the block. New tax for the first of May. Already booked a week long tour of the lakes in July. Sites were almost full. A few long weekends planned as well.
  16. Finally after 39 years my van has gone in to body shop for a spot of welding
  17. What are you having done?

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  18. See the photo above. Small area behind bumper. I've been treating it for a couple of years now but losing the battle.

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