HUEY 1978 Westy Champagne special eddition

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  1. Finally made a start on painting wheels. It's been on the jobs list for ten years :eek:
    20180702_124741.jpg 20180702_124741.jpg 20180702_124731.jpg 20180622_074129.jpg 20180702_124741.jpg 20180702_124731.jpg 20180622_074129.jpg
  2. Pleased with the results. Just used Halfords rattle cans. I think the hot weather helps. My local store had two tins of VW pastel white on the shelf.
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  3. Front calipers have been sticking recently so I've started on a refurb. I don't want to skimp on brakes but I think rebuilding the originals might be a better option than bought ones. My van has Girling calipers which I think is a lot less common. Two seal kits from eBay cost a tenner.
  4. Shocking state of dust covers and large amount of rusty crud inside. Hopefully this will work.
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  5. The kits came from Budweg. About £20 per caliper less than VWH and JK.
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  6. Thought Girling were the common version and Teves was restricted to 1 year only?
  7. You could be right, I was just guessing as ATE seem to get a lot of attention.
  8. Great weekend at Craster up the Northumberland coast. This is the beech at Boulmer. Could have been the south of France. the sea was like a pond.
    20180722_112121.jpg 20180722_112136.jpg 20180722_123510.jpg
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  9. Got to see the boiler from a 1913 ship wreck. The Tadorne. Only visible at low tide. It's about 10 feet high. Bit of a treck across the slippy rocks.
    20180721_175257.jpg 20180721_175103.jpg 20180721_174956.jpg
  10. Whoop whoop free tax from now on :beer:
  11. Ashamed to say just had my first camp this year but what a scorcher it was. It was my sons 21st then my 50th then my daughters 18th and I’ve been to Belgium and Portugal so the van has been left on the drive all year wasting my free tax. Anyway stayed at Alnwick rugby club site as we had tickets to see the new queen film in the grounds of the castle then spent a full day on the beech at Alnmouth. Temp was in the high twenties. Also tried out the new sand scorcher which I’ve been waiting 40 years for, in its natural habitat.
    DD32EFC2-BAB6-4F0C-A695-5B79E9A13ED0.jpeg 48365463-AB66-489E-9C19-E686B9958035.jpeg 4034C79B-F2EE-461A-AC5C-53446FE1A04B.jpeg 4D794BF1-3E96-4DB2-8980-EA75A1EA5CD2.jpeg DE847F4B-E151-45BF-AD7D-D6547A17C58B.jpeg 63158FC2-357A-42F7-905C-D78F785EF982.jpeg D88CD2BA-8383-4A63-87ED-C3A567525C39.jpeg
  12. Made a new horn push from a golf alloy wheel centre cap
  13. E6B6DE8F-65A0-45D0-B091-4857A88172FB.jpeg Washed and polished , Hub caps polished and put inside. Aerial removed. On drive under cover for the winter :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  14. Are those chrome studs on the front panel where the spare wheel was once fitted ? ...Lovely coastline up Northumberland know it well , i was born at Berwick on Tweed .

    Is that beach at boulmer the one with all the bits of coal on the tide line possibly from the wreck .
  15. I nicked those studs from the top of the bosses desk to fill the old spare wheel holes. Chrome plated brass, just the right size. Better to make it a feature until the next respray.
    Probably just sea coal on the beach. That wreck was many years ago. Beautiful part of the world. Very lucky to have it on the door step.

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