HUEY 1978 Westy Champagne special eddition

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  1. It was a double skin full of damp Arizona sand.
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  3. For some reason the pic isn't loading in Tapatalk. But it sounds like mine is a bit

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  4. Looks like photo bucket have robbed all my photos as well :mad:
  5. works on pc but not on my tapatalk
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  7. Good progress today
  8. It took a couple of hours to do welding but sadly it's taking weeks to get it painted. It's been done three times now but the colour doesn't match. Tax runs out at the end of October so they can keep it till May now.
  9. Got van back today. Very happy with it. Took five attempts to get colour match. It's now under cover till spring.
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  11. Removed boot seal and cleaned out rust then treated with rustbuster. Painted with hamerite number 1. This was a couple of weeks ago. Put my new Maypole cover on at the same time. Just checked it today and it's bone dry. Very happy.
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  12. Just removed my new Maypole cover. Never touched it all winter. It’s had a foot of snow on it, the beast from the east had a go at it and it never budged. The van is bone dry and clean. Highly recommended. It was only about 70 quid as well.
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  13. Lost second gear on way to work on Monday. Clutch needed adjusting but the new cable I fitted a while back had no adjustment left on it. It must be a bit long. Sorted that with a couple of washers but the gears were still the same. Next I found the front shift rod bush had split and fell out. Luckily I had a spare in the glove box, as you do. New bush fitted, gear stick lubed and adjusted and all gears back. :thumbsup:
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  14. Got A full set of Boge shocks from GSF. All my old bushes were cracked and one of the rears was oval and knocking. One of the fronts had creaked since I bought the van as well.
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