Hi from Sheffield

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  1. hi
    from Rotherham, and proud of it
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    Well done you for standing up for Rotherham :)

    Hello from Sheffield
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  3. Sheffield area seems to be a bit of a bay hotspot then :)
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  4. Sheffield's where the cool kids hang out :eek: apparently :D
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  5. There are a few of us up here with Late Bays
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  6. that's a great looking bus. love the colour, plus the devon roof is much more aesthetically pleasing than the westy i have (although the westy has more room up-top).

    great to see an original rhd bus in such good condition too.
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  7. Looks like we may have enough vans for a meet up in the spring...........A few went to Clumber Park 2 or 3 years ago......or Rother Valley Country Park.
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  8. jivedubbin

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    Never been to Sheffield but hello from Chester all the same

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