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  1. Just a quick hi from Sheffield, my name is James and the good lady is Rachel. We have come over to late bay after been on earlybay.com for years. We've just sold our '71 deluxe microbus and bought a '78 UK one owner, never welded, garaged all its life, mint condition totally original Devon eurovette. Anyway I hope this site is a pleasing as earlybay was, looking forward to meeting up and meeting some of you guys.
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    Hello from Cheshire, welcome to the other side :thumbsup:
    You know we need pictures?
  3. Merlin Cat

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    Hello also from Sheffield :)
  4. I do know indeed......truth is I don't know how to put them on ha ha
  5. Oh cool where abouts in Sheffield?
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  7. sounds interesting :)
  8. Merlin Cat

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    Green hill s8 :) where are you?
  9. Now then James,

    Are you the same Jim that had a fire damaged early a few years back?

    If so, we bought a load of parts off you when you dismantled it for parts..I think we had bulkhead trims and a few other odds n ends!

    Anyway, welcome!
  10. Welcome aboard ,
    It's a bit hectic on here ,
    compared to where you have been ..:)
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  11. Hi. Yes thats me fella, that fire was 7 years ago, I don't remeber you but hi any, you have a great memory wow.
  12. No worries I can cope with hectic haha
  13. Welcome from another Sheffielder. Enjoy
  14. Killamarsh S21
  15. It was the earlybay reference and the username that sprung to mind, not many people have Panzer in their username :D
  16. Oh right, that's the German in me ha ha
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  17. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  18. Well that didn't work ha ha
  19. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  20. We had a german relative lived in Sheffield; he was a clock maker.. John Schwarar passed away late 1800's!

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