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  1. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Is that code for Rotherham? ;)
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  2. Not sure if it's ok to mention the R word !
    Always said that I lived near Sheffield when on holiday etc. most people have heard of it. lol
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  3. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    What's wrong with Rotherham apart from its up north then?
  4. Lots of child abuse headlines in the news over last 12 months.
  5. O
    I tell thee now for nowt aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding are Marmite,how's that for straight talking lol I'm a southern softie by the way
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  6. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    It's because it's got a reputation - a bad one!!
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  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    At least it was only EDL before that! ;)
  8. Because all of you buggers are from Sheffield/Rotherham, does that mean I need to go to work in Gusbus or Major when our office relocates to Catcliffe?
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  9. Catcliffe? Thought it had been renamed Waverley? It was the site of the Battle of Orgreave back in the miners strike. ..who says that the area has no history !
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  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Yes, and then you have to fight with Thatchers riot police :)
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  11. Ill behave, I promise :D
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  12. Absolutely no offence taken about the washing of the bus, that will stop immediately, a super soft sponge and leather has been bought to keep him in tip top condition.
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  13. Use 2 buckets

    One bucket with your preferred 'car shampoo' in it

    One bucket with just water

    Clean a bit of the van, then rinse sponge in bucket with just water, before putting it back in bucket with the shampoo.

    It stops all the dirt on the sponge f in up the paint.

    When you pour away the bucket of 'just water' you will be amazed at the amount of gritty nastiness that comes out!

    I used to wash mine any old how, then a proper valeter type told me to use 2 buckets.
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  14. Hello from Sale, nice van you've got there.
  15. Took the bus to a mate of mines garage today to check the emissions as it seems to be using more fueld than normal. The results were C0 0.23 ( almost fresh air, this is too lean a mixture though ) the HC 1443 way too high, this will be a result of the lean mixture so im going have a good check on everything i.e timing, point settings etc and see if I can improve the fuel consumption to some degree.
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  16. What engine is in it?
  17. who do you use mate? are they local?
  18. It's a completely stock 1600 cc mate, it's running the stock bosch 4500 rpm limiter rotor arm in the distributor.
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  19. I used racecards, my mates worked there for years they let me use the gas analyser when ever I want as dint have one anymore, they don't do any work or tuning as they are just an mot garage.
  20. That should have said rackfords sorry
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