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  1. Hi tufty, did you once own an prototype and have a fire damage your bus while in storage, the only reason I ask is I half remeber the name tufty? If not no worries and hi
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    No probs. tbh if you meet me you will prob think "lady" is a fairly loose description :)
  3. [​IMG]
    The bus is called Clive due to avert interesting and long story, if I get round to it I'll put it on here. This is the ladyship giving him his first wash.
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  4. Is anyone going to bus types?
  5. That wasn't me. I've had the same bus twenty odd years. Must have been an imposter:)
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  6. Morrisons in Catcliffe?

    Ill be based across the road from summer, head office is on the Manufacturing Park :)
  7. welcome :thumbsup:
  8. Very Nice :thumbsup:

    You had my attention with your pics but now you got me wanting to ask, go on tell us how you got hold of this beauty???
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  9. Well it all started when I was 17 and I bought my first late bay, it was a 2 Ltr Devon caravette. I was still living at home with my parents and on one warm summer night while working on my bus I heard the distinct sound of an aircooled engine go passed on our cul de say, as I looked up from inside the van that's when I saw it.......

    It was a taiga green and white late Devon eurovette, the guy that was driving it saw mine and we started chatting, over many years we made good friends and I helped out with a few bits he couldn't get hold of and I even gave him some very well know aircooled magazines for him to read.

    Skip forward 21 years, and I have had loads of aircooled stuff, an early notch, numerous busses and bugs. While on a camping trip last year in our 1976 all original caravan towed by our 71 all original deluxe microbus, I received a phone call from a lady who basically told me that she was the daughter of Clive, the chap who had the green and white Devon.

    She explained that Clive had been very ill and had died of cancer but one of his last requests was to 'give that young lad a chance to buy the bus if he wants it, he'd look after it' well as you can imagine I was gob smacked as I do remember Clive saying to me on many occasions if I ever sell it you'll be first in line, bearing in mind that I was 17 and he was 60 at the time and I'm 38 next.

    Well after a few phone calls and e mails we eventually arranged a meeting with Betty his wife. We made the trip to Bolton to view the and all I can say is we were amazed at just how good this 1 owner, garaged all its life, complete excellent Devon eurovette interior, original paint, never welded, completely solid bus was.

    We had a chat with Betty, she told us that Clive made good friends with me and how she use to laugh when I used go and call for him to talk about old volkswagens. She then went on to show me how much paper work the van come with including the magazine that he'd saved that I gave him, every Mot certificate, original bill of sale, original manuals, the complete stamped servuce manual and original sales brochure amongst loads of other stuff.

    How could I say no..

    Well I didn't after selling my microbus we bought this and called him Clive after the original owner. Major smiles all around.
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  10. Hello from down south in the New Forest; Great story, and fab looking bus!
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    Lovely story. Well done Clive and Betty. This Clive van will be a keeper then. I think that's called karma :)
  12. great story
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  13. A warm welcome from Surrey , cool bus
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  14. Oh definately a keeper, it's gonna have a clean and Polish, then dome shows. We can't wait :chewie:
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  15. Tonight when I get back from work I'll get some more pictures on.
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    I bought a Devon from a garage Firth Park way and it has a previous owner of 30 yrs. his name was still on the log book so I wrote to him asking if he had any info on the van as it came with none. He rang me and I went to his house. Sadly he told me his wife had died a couple of years before and he had starlings of dementia so couldn't remember about pwk etc. he gave me some bits and pieces tho. He also said his mrs called the van big Bertha, we had called her Mandy so we changed it to Mandy-Bertha which I feel has a nice ring to it :)

    Ps flipping garage proper fleeced him too, it was his own long standing mechanic who told him these vans no longer worth much :mad:
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  17. Oh that's a bitter sweet story, as it happens I've heard if one or two garages telling people they're not worth much, buying them from the owners for cheap and them selling them for a high price, very sad.
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    What made me most angry was that he is an old boy with dementia and it was his long standing mechanic he trusted!! The chap also had an immaculate beetle in his garage that I wanted but have too many vans already :)
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