Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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    Once you've sorted all the mundane stuff (Is it nicked, written off, fraudulent etc) move that fuel filter out of the engine bay!
  2. firstly, sorry you have been through this and you have had the heartache and stress in what was already a bad time for you

    you have been mis sold and more than likely paid too much for a 79
    go back to the seller, tell him its a ringer and why. tell him you think its stolen, even though you know its not.
    watch him squirm a bit
    if you are happy to have a 79 bus you want some cash back at least as they are less desirable due to road tax

    biggest point that i have not seen covered?????

    what happens when you want out of the bus in years to come? i would run a mile if offered this one
    any savvy buyer would too. get it back to the seller before its too late.

    This is a sad tale of buyer beware. if you dont have a clue about motors then take someone who does. you didnt say how much you paid for it but an RAC or AA inspection would have uncovered all this and you would only be a couple of hundred out of pocket

    its a ringer, end of story. :(
  3. dam aussies!

    thought this would be a day to be positive and a pretty heavy day of negative?
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  4. See what Dibble comes up with it wont be anything inbetween under and over-reaction. You will either get done for wasting police time (how come they never arrest themselves for that, just a thought) or banged up for vehicle fraud (till they manage to get to grips with the fact you are the victim) theres a thought. Only joking obviously but I have some experience of a police traffic cop IQ shocker when I applied for registration on a vespa many years ago. He wrote the part number of the chasis down rather than the actual chassis number which checked out as a stolen vespa someone had re-framed using a brand new frame and used the part number as the chassis no, this was subsequently stolen therefore making every single vespa of that model in the world a stolen vehicle.

    He came to nick me the following day and tracked me down to my then girlfriends house and I was unceremoniously nicked and put into the car by a chuffed copper who obviously had chummy banged to rights! The whole incident was extremely embarassing as I shouldnt have been sleeping with my girlfriend, her parents had no idea I was there! It was a wee bit awkward. As a parent now I cant imaging how awful it must have been to have the police arrive to arrest your 16 year old daughter's boyfriend - insisting he is there despite your protestations - finding said daughter in bed with aforementioned miscrient especially when you are a vicar and its Sunday morning ;D

    Fortunately I talked the copper into going back to my house for another look. Pointed out the correct number, confirmed this with the handbook and manual and got my sister on the phone (lady plod) to give him a good bollocking. Such fun.

    Anyway watch out for police IQ shockers :p
  5. Can anyone tell me what I should have reasonably paid for a 79 (before I admit how much I was ripped off by?
    I might actually now go bacl to the previous owner and just let him know that... I know.

    The pic of the engine was taken by the previous owner - the fuel filter has already gone :eek:)

    More updates later (unless I'm behind bars)!
  6. Morning, good news really. Now you know where you are:

    * You've bought a Cat C write off '79 bus with no papers.
    * You have evidence that the car was passed of as a '72 which needs to be resolved.
    * cat C means 'extensive damage' and stays on record, it'll drastically effect the resale value and you'll need an engineers report to get it insured (better check they will even quote)
    * You need to apply for new paperwork

    You need to decide, given the above, if you want to take it on. Don't know what you paid for it or it's mechanical/structural condition. It'll be tougher (more expensive) to get an engineers report than an MOT.

    I'd think really hard about going ahead, you've got more than enough to sue and get your money back and there are possible criminal charges if the police can be bothered.

    Me personally, unless it's a very good bus and I had lots of cash to spare I'd go for the refund. There's always emotion with these things but pragmatically, with what you've said so far, I really think you should take the lesson, your bus is out there!
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    aussie bay is right i reckon, if you could get a full refund you'd be wise.
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    Personally, I wouldnt touch a write off or a bus with doctored numbers.
    I'd be going to the Police again, saying you've been sold a ringer, and getting back to the seller.
  11. At the end of the day you wanted to buy a 72.
    The van was passed off as a 72.

    So, you haven't received what you wanted.

    It stacks up in your favour to get 100% refund. It's you statutory rights as a customer. The seller has failed to supply and is in breach of the sales contract, even relates to private sales.

    I'd go for the refund
  12. Very good points above. If you paid top dollar and your now in the "know" then you could end up getting a better deal on a legit bus. If you got it cheap you might want to stick with it. I personally wouldnt!

    Dont forget to strip everything out youve put into this!
  13. After all that stress it seems you have been saddled with a ringer when you have bought the bus in good faith. Follow previous advice and see about getting a refund or at least money back to reflect the later vehicles vehicles true value, otherwise YOU will end up paying the cost when (and if you can) sell it. Look on the direct.gov website for small claims so you know your stuff before talking to the seller or see consumer advice. Good luck. Do what will keep you happy. There are other buses out there.
  14. At this point, do we ask who the seller was based on the fact they had several buses?
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    Caro - why don't you pm Mork the details of the seller, rather than post it on here?
  16. I will pm Mork the details rather than post it. I telephoned the seller about an hour ago (he's a private seller but has a 'bit of a yard' opposite his house). Anyway I phoned the seller and I'm sure it was him who answered but once I said who I was, he claimed he was his son and the seller would be back in 15 minutes. He asked if there was a problem, so I said possibly, your Dad sold me a 72 camper and it turns out to be a 79. Anyway I texted him my number as he was apparently driving and 10 minutes later the seller's wife calls! The seller has 'gone away' and they have no idea when he'll be back. Tried giving me all the old waffle of he wouldn't have known. Then she said, he worked on loads of campervans (which makes it all the more likely that he DID know). She said no one in her family had done anything to the bus, they just taxed and MOT'd it, which I had to tell her was odd as he'd boasted that his nephew had done all the filling and tidying on it. Anyway I wasn't going to play word tennis so I said fine, I was only trying to speak to him as a courtesy before going to the police and going through the county court to get my money back. Not even a breath and she said, 'well you can try - you won't get anything. He hasn't got any money'. I said fine and the call ended. Ten minutes later she phoned back saying her son would come over and look at it for me and could she have my address... ahem, I think not! I was worried they already had my address as I filled in the transfer document at their house but obviously they didn't keep a record. She became quite insistent that her son could help and badgered me for my address but eventually she gave up. We left it that I would be going to the police and taking it forward from there. So there you have it, friendly helpful seller, not.
    Off to the Cop shop now - only avenue left. For the record, the van is in pretty good shape, drives really well and if I have to keep her I'd be happy with that rather than losing both the van and the money. I didn't pay over the odds (which actually would have warned me off if I'd known the true values). The one thing that I'm keeping my fingers crossed for is that there is some photographic evidence of the cat C write off. I'm sure insurance companies keep pictures. If it turns out that the 72 bus was the write off, better still. The 79 really doesn't look like it's had any major work done and I've had it checked over now by a VW garage.
    More news as and when, off to see the police now... I really can't thank you all enough for being in this with me. Cx
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    wow! i think the seller was a tad dodgy from the off and they knew all about the fiddle well done for what you've done, i really admire the way you're handling it, hopefully you get a decent plod later, if not i'd call the dvla or go to your local office with your findings.
  18. The trouble you have now, is that by contacting the seller first, before going to the C:) again they now have the chance to move any evidence that may of been laying around relating to either bus before the C:) get there! :(

    All sounds very dodgy, however am guessing from what you have said you didn't pay over the odds, and until now were thinking along the lines of that you had got a good bus for good money - sometimes the saying: things can be too good to be true springs to mind.

    If you go back to the date when you believe the bus was written of, buses weren't actually making that much money, so it wouldn't of taken a lot to write a vehicle of - and be a CAT C - uneconomical to repair. So it may not be all bad and had structural damage - if it was structural would imagine it would be a higher category and met the crusher.

    Thanks for keeping everyone as updated as you are - seems to be one of the most popular ever introduce yourself thread :))
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