Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

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    This is a really sad tale - hope it has a reasonable outcome. I'm impressed with the advice that you have been getting :)
  6. Agreed...all the best of luck.
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    Hope you get it sorted.
  8. just read all this thread - this is really a sad story but all those that replied with help are heroes well done.
  9. Just to update you all, I was going to leave it a day or two as I've had a bit of a poo afternoon but it's been eating away at me and so I have been on to the London Metropolitan Police for about the last 25 minutes. I have given them all the details and told them about the registration on the windows, explained that I've shown people pictures of the m-plate and the VIN number and the consensus is that 'it's dodgy'. I've explained that the body is that of a 79 but the VIN links to a 1972. I've told them that some of the code numbers on the m-plate link to a build date of July 1979 whilst the VIN gives a build date of 1972. I've told them that I'm worried that I'm driving a stolen or ringed vehicle.
    The Officer I spoke to told me that it was necessary to have both build dates on the m-plate if the body of a 79 had been put onto the chassis of a 72 and that putting a body of one onto the chassis of another was legal and that I shouldn't worry as long as the VIN matched the V5! I asked him to check the registration that was on the windows but he told me that number plate may have been kept by the previous owner and put on a new camper and it wasn't necessary to check it. He also said it wouldn't be stolen asf the DVLA check showing it as unlicensed would have flagged it. I tried everything to get them to do something. They told me to stop worrying and 'enjoy my van'. I asked if I was insured and they said 'yes, don't worry'. I asked if I was legal. They said 'yes, don't worry'. I said I was still worried and could I have a reference number to prove I had done everything I could, so I now have a reference number and details of the officer I spoke to. BUT IT STILL DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT! What else can I do? Surely if a chassis had been put on a different body there would be a reference to it on the V5, or am I just 'panicking unnecessarily' like the nice policeman said?
  10. ENJOY it and be happy
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    Inform the guy you purchased it from of all these events and see what reaction you get from him, don't tell him the police gave you the thumbs up. Just let him know you are in discussions with the Met and they may wish to view the van. He may apologise and offer a refund.

    He may not!

    Or buy some new quarter lights. :)
  12. PS., Trust the police, they do know their stuff (well in general) I went through a similar period on uncertainty when I wanted to take my import to the DVLA for the check, I read it is illegal to drive without being registered, but the plod told me I could drive it as long as it was insured, MOT'd and on the way for that check.........like you I got the officers number.............stop worrying now and get planning the vw meets
  13. But it hasent had a later body put on an earlier chassis
    Its had the vin number from an earlier bus stamped onto a later bodyshell
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    Can I ask who you spoke to - the call centres and some of the front office staff aren't Police Officers most of the time and some are simply work shy. It's good you have a reference number, but was the person a civvy or a serving officer?

    Second - my understanding is that these buses are a unitary construction - its not like some cars that have a rolling chassis on to which you can bolt various bodies - these buses have chassis rails onto which the monocoque is welded, not separate chassis (am happy to be corrected - if anyone here can unbolt their body entirely off the chassis).

    They are kind of correct saying you can change the body on a chassis - BUT ONLY if you have a legal right to both elements and even then its up to a percentage of change or the vehicle looses its former identity (hence why many kit cars sit on Mini or Cortina subframes but have Q plates).

    If the DVLA check showing the reg number on the windows as unlicensed would not show it as stolen - if it did that then we wouldn't have HPI checks - it shows it as unregistered for TAX and nothing else.

    I'd stop a traffic car or get them to come out to you - sorry if this is labouring a point but that reference number will have an entry onto a computer that you don't see - the log of your conversation may well be vague.

    If the people on here are smelling a rat, and those pictures show doctored chassis plates and stamps (did you say they were doctored by the way), I can't see how any copper that remotely knows their stuff wouldn't act on it.

    Any insurance assessor would spot your issues, they would not reference the conversation above as proof you were in the right.

    Again, apologies if I am being the black cloud, but loosing thousands is not a good result for you.

    HPI both reg numbers.
    Get a VW garage to inspect it.
    Report the output to the Police.

    Complain about the bad advice if the bus is nicked.
  15. If plod says you are in the clear you are ok. Your only problem is an interesting one of how it got to be like that. You can apply to DVLC for an ownership record. You can write to the POs for info. I did that for an MG, very interesting info arose. You can also get an MOT history.
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  17. Hi, your next step is to write to the Superintendent Of Traffic at your relevant Police H Q. with your concerns, asking for advice. I suspect that they won't want to know but the letter will be very handy to keep with your documents. You've done the right thing mate, it's upwards from now on.
  18. Just enjoy your van now :thumbsup:
    Youve done the right thing.
  19. I am sure the van's dodgy but now have an idea of how it could have happened... have just spotted that the 79 reg on the DVLA query page has been unlicensed since MARCH 2002. My MOTs for the 72 start in APRIL 2002. All the MOTs from 2002 to 2006 are from the same garage, then a different garage for 2007 and then nothing til 2011. I think that maybe the owner of the 79 did the changing of the VIN plates and possibly sold it as a 72 either in 2002 or in 2006. This would mean that either the owner of the 79 was registered as the owner of both vehicles or that he/she just used a registration & vin off an old 72 to stamp the 79 and sold it in 2002 or 2006 without a V5. Either way I must be able to get hold of some sort of paper trail. I'm going to HPI both and see what comes up and then get back to the police. I just wanted the police to check it out but I guess I'm going to have to play detective myself... Thanks again all of you for your input, I just wish the police were as thorough and helpful as you lot. Will let you know how it goes. C
  20. Take care and good luck

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