Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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  1. The first 9 on the m plate is the year, it's a '79. Someone's stamped a '72 chassis number below it without realising it says '79 above it! Doh!
  2. Ok a quick run on the m plate decoder gives us:

    92 159 525 as a 1979 built bus dated 16th July 1979


    2122106002 gives us a build date as 10th July 1972

    I would worry if I was you as there is a definate problem here & needs sorting
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    Ok - I wrote a long reply but posting those details on here now mean you need to act - sorry if that sounds authoritarian, but this is the public domain.

    You need to go to the cops - your speculation and the answers you are getting is coming close to compromising your ability to be 'unknowing' from here on in.

    Up to this point you are absolutely covered by 'bought in good faith' but these pictures and posting mean you now have reasonable doubt, and need to act.

    Bare that there maybe in the past a stolen van that an insurer will have paid out on - you might be able to buy it back from them - its not all darkness and gloom - but for your own sake please act now.
  4. Was the bloke you bought it off a dealer (you said he had a number of buses).
    The m plate representing two totally different years clinches it for me. The fact he's got a few buses means he knows. I'd go back for a full refund or replacement bus or you'll go to the police.
  5. I think Moons has realistically hit the nail on the head..excellent advice and makes the best sense too as does Steve's comments!
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    Agree with Steve - if the guys is a car dealer (if he has other vehicles for sale, any pictures 'for sale' etc or adverts are relevant) then you are far better covered than if the person is private. Trading Standards often have a list of people dealing in cars who portray themselves as private sellers, this is illegal, they do it as the come backs are far less on a private person.

    I'd go to the cops anyway - if the scenario arises where you get your money back and he takes the bus and its resold - I'm guessing your name and address would be on the V5. Trouble only followes.

    How did you pay for the vehicle - if it was a loan or credit card then there are often insurances and legal support mechanisms that run with them.

    If it was cash, check your house insurance etc etc as many have free legal cover that might aid you.

    I would go to the authorities first, then you avoid any level of duplicity.

    I'm terribly sorry for you in all this - if its nicked then maybe collectively we can score one back on behalf of all the buses that get nicked each year - its sad that there are new victims such as yourself though.
  7. That area where the vin number is stamped in what I reckon is the pic of the engine bay looks like its filler, or is it just me ? is there another number behind it ?

    This may not be the right thing to do, but it's what I would do if I strongly suspected a ringer, I would call the seller and question him telling him you are considering calling the plod, if he gets defensive and offers money back, agree, then go get money back but get someone to listen in to the calls and go with you, then when you have your money, call the plod (win / win)
  8. Thank you all so much. I am off to cry quietly into my porridge.
    Will now check up on both registrations and go to the police - although I may get in touch with the previous owner first in case there is a teensy chance of getting my money back...
  10. Really sorry about this by the way, i hope this doesn't put you off the whole van ownership experience. As others have said, go to the police, they'll know what to do.
  11. I wouldn't just go to the previous owner, go to the police as well, there's a chance he'll realise he's caught and refund you money and flog it to some other poor soul. There's also the chance it's a cat a or b, and shouldn't even be on the road. Much better to go straight to the police imho.
  13. The vins been messed with it wouldent suprise me if its been hand stamped into filler

    Id call your local police station and tell them your concerns
  14. Right you lovely people - what a cr*p day... I'm off to scatter my mum's ashes this afternoon and then I have a trip to the Police station. I so appreciate all your help and advice, thank you so, so much. I am utterly gutted that I've bought this and got caught out. I was thinking of trying to get my money back but as someone pointed out some other poor soul would end up getting conned most likely. The best thing about today has been all of you lot being so supportive. I'll update you all on what happens. Thanks again Cx
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  19. Just a thought.

    The previous owner may very well be member here anyway!!!

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