Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by MaBlimey, May 24, 2012.

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  3. I bloomin well LOVE you lot! xx
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  5. Hey MaBlimey, if it's any consolation I've been driving around, until recently, my old Land Rover for 16 years and at some point it had been stolen and ringed as a tax exempt 1963 series 2a truck cab! It was a 1989 station wagon. Various Police officers who I'd bumped into through my work at the time, often asked me what the story was as it was taxed exempt and was clearly a later model year. Most officers said if no one had knocked on my door asking for it back and that if DVLA where happy with the paper work then I should carry on regardless and enjoy it while I've still got it! :)
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  7. :lol:
    Honest Gov....I didn't do one!! ...I bought it with 'the history' with a hangover wearing blinkers......saved a fortune on road tax over the years!
  8. I don't think this is nearly as bad as some people are making out. The main thing is that the van isn't stolen, cat a or b, or registered as scrapped. To paraphrase someone earlier, it's only been in the last 5 or 6 years that the price of bays has shot up, a cat c write off could have been a bump or scrape that would cost a couple of grand to put right. This is basically just someone who's a bit dim, trying to make a few extra quid by selling a van as tax exempt. Just re-register as the '79 and people won't even know. that's not dishonest, after all this isn't even a chassis/body/transmission swap like you get with landies or mini's or spitfires etc, it's just a '72 number stamped into filler and on the m plate. I don't think it would effect the value that much either, earlys are worth a bit more than lates, but not so much now and lates rot less as well ;)
    If you like the van, don't let this put you off, just enjoy it.
  9. My mate hit the nail on the head the other day, he said :-

    'just get out there and use it'

  11. Was number plate changed to the 72 reg as well ? Or just the tags
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  14. If the worst comes to the worst at least yove got a bus in good nick and thats tax free :thumbsup:
    And you didnt pay over the odds for it.
    Just get out in it its the perfect weather :)
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  16. Thought he'd spoken to the police and they said it was OK.
    That would be good enough for me.
  18. I really am alarmed at what I am reading!
    The van is a ringer
    It doesn't matter that it's not stolen, a cat c has been repaired and rung onto a 72 plate
    You don't know why it was a cat c so don't guess that it had a scrape. How do you know it hasn't had fire damage or a smash and just been badly repaired.
    Open your eyes, it was put on dodgy plates for a reason!
    It was sold as a 72 and it clearly isn't, why should the buyer have to go through all the red tape to end up with a 79 cat c with altered m plate and hope the original vin wasn't ground off?
  19. I'd be going back to the garage for my money I know you have tryed to ring them with no joy but I personal would not be happy driving round in that or as its been Said doing all the dirty work because of someone else .
    If anything the police should be nocking on this dealers door
  20. interesting thread. I'm with aussie, a ringer is a ringer regardless of why/how its been done. You've done all the right things by going to plod, but exposed yourself now to the dodgy outfit by going back to them. My guess is that they are probably doing this on a regular basis - your location is also 'lets rob a vw bus' central. If you keep the bus and then try to sell it on how are you going to justify its provenance to the buyer.

    if I were you I'd get shot and start again by buying from someone who is more legit...


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