Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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  1. A cat c would not bother me if I had prof of the damage and repairs etc or you don't know what's under its all , if the front panel had been damaged there is no saying that behind the shiny panels it's not a mess
  3. I'd just enjoy the damn thing now, the fuzz said it's ok. Life goes on :)
  4. :yeah that:
    I agree ,it dosent look like she's going to get her money back so why cant she enjoy it instead of being out of pocket.
    I'm all for positive spins :)
  5. It's not that I don't care or have any sympathy, i genuinely do, howeer, if it was me I would drive it, camp in it and enjoy it now that you've been informed it's not stolen, it's yours and still (so far) tax free. Hell I wish mine was! :)

    Got so much work to do on mine before I can camp in her again, i'm missing out on camping this year by the look of it, so honestly, make the most of what you have!
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    A ringer is a ringer. Now the owner knows it's a wrong'un, I'm not sure "just drive and enjoy it" is particularly good advice.
    If it's involved in a serious accident, I'd guess that as a minimum she'll find her insurance is invalidated.
  7. You guys need to read through the thread properly.

    To summarise:

    It's a '79.
    It's been sold with '72 papers.
    It's cat c (will need an engineers report to insure and may need a VOSA inspection to register).
    The seller is a crook, not much chance of a refund and only with a lot of grief and effort
    Any insurance on the current '72 papers is void.
    The original police advise was on the end of a phone, unverified in writing and wrong. (Wouldn't be an excuse to run it if say you have an accident)
    Both vehicles are not stolen.

    Just driving it as is would be plain stupid! (Sorry if that aint 'kewl' guyz :)) )

    Sounds like it's a basically OK bus. The CAT C is definitely a worry but only when you sell it. (I wouldn't look at a cat c'd bus)

    So it looks like the easiest way to go is lose the M Plate with the bulkhead and expose the original hopefully legit number under the filler, then get it inspected, and registered as a '79,

    BTW, the M Plate looks like a legit one that's had a number added. The original VIN is on it.

    Just thought, if the 72 is now in Caro's name how is she going to get disposal papers for a vehicle that doesn't exist!

  8. Just thought,

    Actually, Caro legally owns two buses!
  9. i would send off for the 79 log book first and see what happens and if it comes through put it back to the 79 camper, but if when the the 79 camper was put down as a cat C write off it never had a vic check it may still need one so the log book wont come back. the problem you will have there is you will need to take it for a vic check this check is a vehicle identity check when vechiles go down as a cat c write off they need this check to apply for the log book. If the original numbers are not under there and its been ground off they wont pass it. saying this the logbook might come through if you send off for it ive done a few vic checks in the past all cars have to be checked but for some reason vans and motorbikes dont and the logbooks can just be applyed for, so it depend whats on the 79 log if its classed as a van
  10. Hi again.. my you lot have been chatty whilst I've been away! Here's the latest update...
    From my point of view, I am not happy with being any less than 100% honest which is why I'm chasing this as far as it will possibly go. I have just had the police round to check the VIN numbers etc., and I had to keep pushing to get them to agree it was a ringer. First off they said it was very difficult to change a VIN - so I showed them and explained all about filler etc., then they said a new engine could have been put in until I explained that the engine number matched the etched registration on the windows which was for a 79 van. They still said that from their point of view, the VIN matched the V5 and I was ok to drive. Then I pointed out that the M plate had 2 distinct identities on it, the 79 build date in the codes and the 72 build date in the VIN number. Then they agreed to investigate! I should hear back from them within the next hour. Once they realised I was not just going to say ok I'll drive it on your say so matey, they were much more helpful. They are going to check the previous owners of both vans and they are going to check out the seller too. I feel I have done everything in my power to be honest and upfront and get to the bottom of this whole thing. I feel like a complete numpty for not noticing the tell-tale signs but I feel a bit better that none of the police noticed anything wrong until I pointed it out! I think the police will come back with all the info I already have with the addition of the previous owner's names and tell me as far as they are concerned it's legal. If that happens, my last avenue is is to approach my insurance company and ask them to investigate it - as they have a vested interest I think they may be a lot more persistent. More news as soon as I have it. Cx
  11. Good on you for being 100% honest and for pushing the police to investigate it
  12. Can you believe this? (I had to ask them to put it in writing). The police have just called, they have checked all the previous owner's and are still investigating the seller. It has been taken to CID and they have decided in their wisdom that the likeliest way things happened is that the 79 was written off and all the 79 parts (engine, quarterlights, engine lid and hinges, light surrounds, back quarter with filler cap in, etc., etc., etc.,) were put onto the 72. In their eyes, I am the owner of a 72 with 79 parts on. To my mind this still doesn't explain the m-plate does it?
    So now I am about to call my insurance company, tell them the whole sad, sorry tale and see whether they will come and have a look at her.
    Some time I will get round to posting normal things on other threads, this is turning into a mini novel!
    Thanks again for all your input.
    Just for info - to put your minds at rest... even though I know this was a cat C - I have now had it gone over by a reputable VW mech, and there is nothing wrong, mechanically or structurally.
    Will update when I've spoken to my ins co. Cx
  13. So the police reckon it's more likely that 79 parts, including the rear 1/4 with late fuel cap were put on a 72 bus than the 72 bus I.D. being put on the 79 vehicle? Yeah right (scratches chin Jimmy Hill stylee).
  14. Sounds like the coppers are morons
  15. crikey, they really are idiots sometimes. did you ask them why someone would bother to transplant the M plate as well? It's easy to settle this though, there's loads of late bay specific bits which could be checked, hinges,outriggers etc if it's got late cab door hinges(which it will have) they must have changed the whole front as well as the rear quarter. a pillars,inner valance,deformation panel, front of the chassis legs. that's a lot of work for a van which would have been worth a couple of grand tops 10 yrs ago. surely they can see it's easier to stamp a '72 number onto a '79 van?
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    This does make the police seem pretty stupid ???

    I have a bit of a worry about how the insurance company will respond if it turns out the van isn't as originally described , or is that just me being cynical :thinking:
  17. Hi Caro,
    Wow they are so wrong, how dumb can they get!

    Something else to add, here's my M plate:

    I don't know but do any M Plates have hand stamped numbers on? The chassis number is there!

    Why would anyone swop everything from a 79 to a 72 including the m plate and glass which betray the origin?

    Nah, they've taken a 79, lazily put two numbers on it and flogged it on. the real 72 is probably in bits somewhere..

    Maybe you could get an AA inspection, or get your mechanic or even an acknowledged VW 'expert' (might be one on here ;-) to confirm the whole van is a '79 to steer the detectives back on the right course..

    BTW here's an M Plate decoder site: http://www.vw-mplate.com/mcode.php

    have a gr8 w/e!

  18. Blimey MaBlimey!! I've just read through the entire thread and can't believe what a poo time you're having!

    I really hope this gets sorted in a good way and hopefully look forward to seeing you at a few shows O0

    Chin up :hug:
  19. Name and shame the seller
  20. Can't reach my ins co til Monday so will wait til then - What do you reckon on me driving about with a big banner saying "Lovely shiny ringer for sale, great 79 body, superb 72 plate (tax exempt), police approved, make me an offer" :))

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