Has anyone else noticed the increase in ( extreme ) right wing postings on FB?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Hmph everyones very cross today.
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  2. yes, have you met my friend madame guillotine?

    they are... lots of folk i've spoken to at work today are! maybe it's a solstice thing? i'll cast some good spells when i go out to greet the dawn :D
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  3. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Note to self.

    ( @Ermintrude Off the scale lefty. Wear red when in her company.Hide sharp objects )
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  4. Being a hand wringing leftie never stopped me serving my country or flying the flag. Hate the haters regardless of their flag or politics i say. Unfortunately we arent educated that well in social economic and political history so as to understand how horribly manipulated we are qnd what formulated our views. Or indeed why we are where we are.
  5. I disagree!
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  6. come the revolution.... though only on a nice dry day and not too hot :D
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  7. Yep ;)
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  8. Interesting and for mo apparent reason id like to mention St George was a Roman. st Andrew was a Roman and so was St Patrick. st David was actually welsh i believe.
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  9. Im holier than you? Ive never seen your holes and have no desire to do so.
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  10. I think you are overlooking the fact that the government spent millions sending "fear" leaflets to every household in Britain. Taxpayers' money too! How many remainers paid for Brexit propaganda?

    Perhaps, if both sides had played fairly, the Leave side would have had an overwhelming majority!
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  11. perhaps? unlikely, i'd say... as the travesty is playing out there's whole leave voting areas now asking for 'special dispensation as they realise the implications to their area or industry; grimsby, cornwall etc
  12. Good morning, hope all's well I wondered when you would pop up with some words of wisdom.
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  13. Merlin Cat

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    Good morning folks.

    In these days of diversity and tolerance I would like to take this opportunity to come out as a Leftie :)

    I’ve not noticed much more right wing on fb but then I’m not on it much. Some of my friends appear to have like Tommy Robinson but I ignore their posts and we can argue the toss in private. There does seem to be a correlation between right wing posts and friends who are ex military but they just call me a tree hugging lefty and I call them Tory fascists and we leave it at that :). It never crosses the line I have in my head and we agree to disagree.
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  14. Just fancy that! This is on the quiz page of this week's Whitby Gazette.
    Can anyone find the nine letter word?!

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