Has anyone else noticed the increase in ( extreme ) right wing postings on FB?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. We can’t the presenter doing a bit of bird ,due to being a kiddie fiddler
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  3. Well we will have to agree to differ, cos I do think this is my country. A country where by birth I’ve been given the entitlement to change it at the ballot box in a way that I see fit.

    I don’t like the way it’s gone in the last few years, and there’s nothing wrong with me saying so and using my democratic right to try to reverse things.

    I understand that on this forum that puts me in a minority. So be it. It’s interesting though that you all claim to be for the minority but you’re all very quick to look down your noses at anyone who doesn’t hold the same opinions as you, so maybe you ain’t so different or superior after all.

    Anyway I’m going off for a self enforced break from here. Enjoy brexit. It’s gonna be a right laugh.
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  4. Poptop2

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    Odd response?

    I don't look down my nose at anyone on here. It's just different opinions. And that dude is what makes it interesting. :hattip:
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  5. I was assuming a different presenter (assumed they’d all be dead now!) though had forgotten about that too.

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  6. No. No we can’t. Thankfully we’re more progressive now.

    Though I do think pillow fights would be a good way to settle disputes.

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  7. Wait for it proper funny
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    As a Guardian reader, I'm offended by the word n*ggas in this clip.
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  9. Somebody should have stepped in when they were still hitting him when he was on the floor tho' :D
  10. I just hope they are feather pillows :)
  11. I wasn’t looking down my nose at anyone! Least of all you. Agreeing to differ is as cool as agreeing to agree. It’s just good to have an interesting and non-ranting exchange of views now and again. Discourse not point scoring. Big difference.
    I was well on the fence during the Brexit vote. Could see advantages either way. But looking at the clusterlychee it’s turned into I think we shd stay in, on balance.
    But the di is cast so we’ll just make the best of it. Because we’re BRITISH (yahooo! Waves flag!) and that’s what we do.
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    The thing is, we all say we're not racist, and only slightly right or left of centre etc, but what does that mean.

    How far left are you, would you abolish the monarchy,ban the flag, allow Russia port access, do away with the aristocracy etc.

    Conversely, How far right are you. Would you deport all illegals regardless, stop all benefits to non Brits, would you pay foreign aid and where would you draw the line regarding what is too far right or left?
  13. I still do with grandkids (and others )they love it , I like distraction to remove the naughty ness . ( please note no grandfathers were hurt or abused in these activities :D )
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  14. ron


    i think that quite often extremism left or right is fuelled by ignorance
    2 examples ( yes they are left wing but they just came to mind) there was on one forum a full blown attack on thatcher
    so somebody writes " look at the state of the railways cause she privatised them " but she didn,t and she didn,t want to privatise them Major did that that
    another from one the papers Independent i think by a left winger writer - The flag of England should be banned cause its nationalistic and represents the blood of the knights templer - so one ignorant comment says " airforce goes bombing innocent people with that blood stained flag painted on the aircraft"
    well actually the rare occassions the flag is painted on its the union jack!
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  15. I think you've hit the nail on the head with ignorance.
    Years ago I was teaching a class and we were discussing George W Bush and Blair and the Iraq invasion. Based on the complex debate that came out of watching the play 'Stuff Happens' the class eventually arrived at the conclusion that if you have a simple answer you are almost certainly wrong. These 17 year-olds worked out that the world is so complex that glib simplifications promising to solve our problems are something to be very suspicious about.
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  16. All the sell offs were the biggest money laundering and back stabbing scams going . They talk about human rights ,then tell us what to do with the next breath or else . Why should we be governed n told what to do n how to do it by people who have no experiences nor lived in this country . Doesn’t matter really what you say now , votes can be rigged and internets can change peoples minds . What ever happened to all the hero’s .
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  17. I got an ice pick in my head
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  18. Gota pic ?
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. What a guy o_O

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