Has anyone else noticed the increase in ( extreme ) right wing postings on FB?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Jun 19, 2018.

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    No chance English bedwetting type!
    Shut up Luca.
  2. the reason people are reluctant to wave the flag is because as soon as they do people start implying they must have extreme right wing views. anyway the thread has now moved onto Brexit, which has nothing to do with pop tops right wing face book friends or does it?
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  3. Surely whether you’re a remainder or a brexiteer you have to take a look at the 13m that didn’t vote
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  4. The Brexit campaign was lead by a party that mainly used immigration and racists tones as it's main policy - Brexit symbolises pulling up the drawbridge and cutting ourselves off, which seems to be how it is going at the moment and all because Cameron didn't think leave would be voted for.

    Remember the right control most of our media so you don't really get a good balance of viewpoints - everything is Corbyns fault according to the tabloids!!!
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    I Like your flag avatar. I am a waver of the flag too. I'm quite proud to be British :thumbsup:

    I thought this thread bored you?
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  6. Am I allowed to Tut?
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    You know Miss Tut won't like being out tutted!
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  8. Didn't we discuss Brexit a couple of years ago and agree to disagree. No the Thread doesn't bore me as I do find the ranting of left wingers and their holier than thou attitude somewhat amusing.
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    I don't think they are holier than thou. They just have an opinion. That's a good thing isn't it?
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  10. Brexit: I voted remain as I couldn't see what we would gain from leaving the EU with no plan and I wasn't going to be persuaded by Farage/Johnson Or Gove (the latter two using Brexit to trying and gain the party leadership). I don't see this country as 'my' country just like I don't see the air I breathe as only mine, we're only a molecular structure away from being something else on this planet - in other words we are all part of the one thing! We are an extremely rich country and we've usually had a hand in marmiting the countries where refugees are coming from. Still the hold on power and money is mainly right wing blue blood lineage and alike – they’re the ones we should all be battling to be reasonable, compassionate and sharing.
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  11. bless :rolleyes:

    wanting parity and fairness is holier than thou?.... or is it 'virtue signalling' :rolleyes:
    maybe, though i don't claim to hold any religious views. though i would be thoroughly ashamed to support any party/group who are responsible for such hate, division and deaths of fellow humans. perhaps that's why for the most part they are 'silent'?
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  12. :D this made me snigger as i thought about the successful sperm theory... my mate neil (bless'im) used to say that he was lucky because he could've ended up on the lav walls! :D :D
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  13. Or Eileen :eek:
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  14. hahahahaha! it'll never not be funny :D
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  15. Blimey, I’ve made a good attempt to read the whole of this, but my break time at work just isn’t long enough so I’ve skimmed.
    Thankfully most of my friends on FB seem relatively non political so I’m not in a position to have to bin them off because of extremism. I did block one as he is a nihilist and thinks that the human race should do the world a favour and make its self extinct. In a way he may be right, but I prefer to right wrongs rather than throw in the towel completely, if you see what I mean.
    Any other political stuff seems to be Brexit related, almost entirely by ex pat brits who are worried about their health and pension benefits. I digress.
    I guess I’m patriotic and proud to be a Brit (British rather than English , although obviously I am English by virtue of where I was born). I will wave my flag in support of football and cricket and sport in general, Olympic success and all that. I don’t think this makes me racist , but perhaps it inadvertently appears that way. I care deeply for those around me, my friends and my family- whatever their politics- but I just can’t take responsibility for everyone. I don’t consider myself to be a hand wringing leftie, although my politics lean that way, and I do believe in peace and “banning the bomb” which I think was described as extreme at some point in this thread. Crumbs. It’s quite hard to be British sometimes with all these things to worry about. ;)
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  16. Are we out yet , we could get in a few more Eurovisions which we could never win ??wonder why ?? Just sayin !
  17. could it be because we're rubbish at it? (no idea, i don't watch it) wasn't it always rigged anyway?

    we should just bring back 'it's a knockout' and have done... 'look at the dutch!' :D :D
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  20. Yes it’s a knock out the only thing that couldn’t be rigged in the. World bring it back :D loved it we could all give one another a good bashing and laugh about it . Spose we can’t have till death us do part thou :D

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