Grill n Chill 2015, Hop Farm, Kent - 18-20 September

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  1. ''Twas fun good meeting you all sorry bout the monkeys jumping around
  2. It was fun.... But some music would have been fab!
    Brighton Breze next?
  3. All the kids were fab! Sooooo sweet and fun.
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  4. Get well soon Cathie!
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  5. That's a fab photo u took of them in your hammock Katy!
  6. P
    pm me your email address and I'll send it over.
  7. done that for 10 years on the trot, it's a grand day out but not for me anymore.
  8. Glad u got home ok :thumbsup: Great to meet u guys
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  9. Went myself yesterday really good show
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  10. There is always next year !!!!
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  11. Well it was nice to say hello:hattip: although brief. Think everyone was well chuffed to have a guest appearance from the Mario Brothers :cool: at 80's night. Nice to know it's not just the Paintscrapers that are crazy as a bunch of frogs :thumbsup:. Never got to see the owl though :(. Wish I could of stopped to have a proper chat and say hi to more of you but was off on carpark duty although my face now matches the nice red T shirt I had on :oops:. Hope to catch you next time (maybe at Brighton Breeze :))
  12. I was mario and yes I shall be at Brighton :chewie:
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  13. another local event for you then ;). Might be parked up with them pesky Paintscraper lot again :cool: but would be nice to have a chatter with some TLBers :thumbsup: and maybe a wee tipple :cheers:.
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  14. Yeah local :rolleyes: There just numbers on the speedo to me
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