Grill n Chill 2015, Hop Farm, Kent - 18-20 September

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  1. Oh you lucky buggers!!!! See you tomorrow, can't wait! :beer::chewie::burp:
  2. Are far from paddock wood beatnick & are you bringing a turntable ?
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Bout twenty miles and I will bring my jaffa plastic battery powered rekkid player and a box of pre 64 scratchy 45s for your delectation. See ya saturday kids.
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  5. Looking good for sat though I might just have to come for the day. Room for me? Are we dressing 80s?
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  6. Me, but strictly speaking being south of the medway I am a van of kent.
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  7. and for those who dont know me, I will be in this.
  8. Not a Kentish van then
  9. Me with Matilda
    Kentish Van
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  10. We're on our way! We have a fire pit and a couple of bags of logs but if anyone wants to pick up more that would be great :thumbsup:
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  11. Got half a bag of logs. All pitched TLB pitch is no 19. Got the awning up just before the rain started though sky is clearing now. Sat in van with dogs and cider see you soon.
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  12. Leaving west London now,5-30 save me a pitch please
  13. Still waiting for her indoors !!!!
    Hopefully not much longer
  14. On the m25 [​IMG]
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  15. Grrrr I'm still warming my butt on the settee grr
  16. Wine is going down nicely slow mo's! Watch out though, it's a bit muddy here but is drying out well :thumbsup:
  17. Have fun guys, I'm hoping we can make it next year :thumbsup:
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  18. Just back from work so hopefully see you tomorrow morning. Don't sink!
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  19. Drying out my ar## which field are you in !!!!!.
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