Grill n Chill 2015, Hop Farm, Kent - 18-20 September

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  1. Got tickets through and allso it looks like it's 80s night on the sat so were all dressing up :beer: @Majorhangover should have loads spare outfits if ur struggling I'm on my outfit allready :rolleyes:
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  2. Just booked up hop farm for the Thursday so will be there when it opens.Do we just ask for the TLB camping when we go in ?
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  3. Oi! they arn't outfits they're just my clothes!
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  4. Fink so, its normally a taped off area.
  5. Same thing we have got our outfits all ready :beer:
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  6. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    I'm still stuck in the 80's with my clothes anyway so no change there
    Oh except less hair
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  7. I was Bourne in 1983 :D
  8. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    Bourne ????
    Bjorn born again ???
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  9. Sorry guys I will be out of the country so can't make it. I will hopefully see some of you at Busfest though. :)
  10. I hate dressing up
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  11. U will be fine robie bit of nion ur look lovely think I'm going with sisters chap as the mario brothers tuesday_wildchild
  12. Right 20 bus plot confirmed by Grill n Chill for The Late Bay :thumbsup:

    I'd like to think we'll be there from about 2.00 pm but if not just say you're with TLB and they'll point you in the right direction. If you bump into a massive Jurgens you know you're in the right place :D
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  13. Hi all,

    Just received this through from Darren at Grill n Chill who asked me to pass it on to everyone...

    Can you please read these and make sure the rest of your club reads them.

    They will also be in the bag you are given on the way in. Thank you.

    Please take particular note of the fire pit and extinguishers part.


    • 5 mph speed limit on site, anyone ‘speeding’ or driving in a dangerous manner will be evicted. No warning, no refund, no messing.
    • No mopeds, go-peds, monkey bikes, or similar to be used anywhere on site.
    • No ground fires, all BBQ’s must be off-ground.
    • Anyone using a fire pit must have a fire extinguisher on show. Anyone found not to have one will required to put the fire pit out immediately.
    • No fireworks or Chinese lanterns. Anyone found with or using fireworks will be removed from site without discussion or refund of entrance fees.
    • No independent sound systems.
    • It’s a family show, music must be kept low after 9pm and off by 11pm.
    • No driving on site (apart from arrival and departure).
    • No parking or camping on the roadways.
    • All exits and access points must be kept clear.
    • Medical assistance can be found by contacting the on-site medics, one of the marshals or by dialling 999.
    • No ‘unauthorised’ trading on site, you will be asked to leave with no refund.
    • Please keep valuables locked in your car and out of sight or on your person. You are responsible for your own possessions.
    • Please stay out of restricted areas and observe all signs.

    The organisers are your ‘friends’ but they can’t be everywhere. If you see something suspicious or someone causing upset, please inform one of the Grill-n-Chill staff members. Better to deal with things immediately than moaning on an internet forum days after the event has finished.

    Event site address is:
    The Hop Farm Family Park, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Kent TN12 6PY

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  14. Don't forget to say hi to me on the way in as I will be on the gate most of the weekend

    One of the Grill and Chill crew
  15. I'll not be there untill 8 ish if the m25 is working if not later
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  16. All packed up ready for a night at hop farm tomorrow . See you Friday
  17. You may notice some specky geezer with arms waving like a demented Italian traffic cop trying to send you in the right direction that will be me :cool::D:thumbsup: as a realatively newly appointed member of the Grill n Chill crew. Weather's looking good for the weekend and all your tent pegs should go in nice and easy after today :lol:
  18. Is there room for a little un on the plot? I reckon I will be there for the weekend. I might bring some records. Who groaned, come on own up.
  19. Of course there is, there more the merrier! :beer::chewie:
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  20. Pitched up at hop farm, cider opened" Stuart has just popped over to welcome us. Will be into grillnchill when it opens. See you guys tomorrow
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