Grill n Chill 2015, Hop Farm, Kent - 18-20 September

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    As we missed last year because of our house move I'm keen to go this year as it's such a great little show. I'm planning on booking a TLB club space, just because it's less cramped than general camping and I can get us more room so if anyone's interested let me know and I can work out how many plots we might need
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  2. I'd be keen to go.

    Depends if I'm in Holland for Summer Picnic or not.
  3. We went last year, bloody good job you weren't there, especially with that Behemoth Jurgens, there'd have been no room at all. Personally I blame @Barneyrubble as his gang had taken up half of general camping for Cocktail making classes. ;)
  4. Count us in! Had a blast last time. Time for @S1mon to man up and come too
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  5. Yes please! Wd love to come.
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  6. As I was planning on dubs in the valley this weeks do may now jump onto this is there club camping again this year ??
    @Mrs Majorhangover
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  7. Should I bring my tent peg puller?
  8. I believe there is club camping! We went last year camped with some fine fellows and ladies, had a giggle and are muchly looking forward to the same again..
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  9. Coming for the day, but may extend that to a weekender.
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  10. Yep! I've booked a 15 bus plot as I have quite a few interested but they said I could always up it nearer the time so the more the merrier :thumbsup: :D
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  11. Hmm shall ask mrs daisy when home as kept this weekend free
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  12. Put us down will get tickets later and book half day at work on the Friday as it's a right treck for us but missed it last year so were in this year
  13. Hi is this sort of event ok for kids? We have a 5, 8 and 9 yr old.
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  14. It's perfect for kids. Loads to do and I think you can also access the Hop Farm itself where they have loads of things to do for kids. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though!
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  15. I'd take Liz's word for it, she hangs around with two of the biggest Kids I know.
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  16. Great then please count all 5 of us in. 3 normal kids plus 2 big kids!
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  17. Ha cheeky bugger! And this from the bloke who nearly gave me a heart attack last weekend :p:D
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  18. Got tickets now :beer: The Daisy's will b there
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  19. Have tickets, would be great to be part of the TLB contingent!...... maybe ! ;¬)

    Oh what do we have to do?
  20. Hooray!!! :beer::burp::chewie:
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