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  1. So I've been stalking reading TLB forum for a good few months, reading post after post - familiarising myself within 'Mech and Tech', getting my daily fix inside 'Show Us Your Ride' and the resto’s.. Because just over 4mnths ago, I visited a guy called Steve to have a chat about VW Campers, what to expect if I bought one, cost etc etc blah blah blah – absolute top guy and has a massive passion for VW Campers, his work is quality to match – the catch? – he’s now emigrating lol .. Steve is also mentioned here -->

    So I sourced a Van in the good ol’ USofEh?, paid and let Steve take care of land shipping/sea shipping and transport from Southampton to South Wales.
    I think the bus has witnessed more rain in the last 6hrs of this evening, than the last 6months in the States.

    Anyway, not wanting to tempt fate, I refused to sign up to TLB until the Van was on my drive..

    I also tried (and failed) not to buy anything for the Van either (you can imagine no van turning up having been scammed, yet running around the streets with a battery in my backpack and a set of Hella Lights under each arm just to ease the pain – I did dream this happening). I caved in and have several boxes consisting of : inhale : – UK spec Hella Headlights complete with H4 lamps, sidelights, sidelight holders, oil strainer, oil filter, sump plug, fuel lines, spark plugs, dizzy cap, points, rotor, condenser, fan belt, cab door step rubbers, flash relay, jail bar kit, spare acc and clutch cables .. Ready to be put on the weekend : exhale :

    Glad you made that cuppa now?

    Yes, I am a new owner of a 1979 VW Westfalia (Mexico magnolia).




    Surface rust on the bottom of drivers door, again below rear screen and some freckles from stone chips on it's face.. Bumpers appear new (very straight, no dings etc and a little too white. Interior is in fantastic shape (will upload more on the weekend - weather got the better of me). Engine starts first time although is running a little rough (might be due to non-running for 3mnths), has a twin silencer which I highly doubt is original. Oh and the electrics are shagged not working (headlights/indicators etc) so have printed an A1 sheet from here to play about on the weekend.

    Which brings me to my first 'noob' question - Where can I find the VIN? :thinking: (I have the number from the original owner - which matches that of the m-plate de-coded thingamajig.

    M-Code I have found and de-coded

    Model Type 2 (T2) mod. 231(9) :
    - VW Campmobile
    - Sliding door right
    - LHD
    Chassis number 2392028196
    Serial number 028 196
    Modelyear 1979
    Planned production date: Friday, 29 September 1978
    Type of engine Type 4 (GE) - 1970cc, 51 kW (70 bhp DIN)
    Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
    Paint color LE1M - Mexico magnolia
    Remark : Westfalia
    Interior color (doorpanels and seats) ED - Camping Brown magnolia Cloth


    So that's me. Hello and thank's for the help that you have given unknowingly O0
  2. Welcome
  3. Hello, nice Westy :)
  4. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    Hi and welcome from a fellow US westy owner.
  5. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    welcome to the madhouse ;)
  6. Thats "weekend" sorted then :)) have fun on your back ;) lots of cuppas later :thinking:
  7. Great first post, Welcome :bag:
  8. Welcome along mate, nice looking bus
  9. Lovely Westy , great choice and welcome boyo ;)
  10. Hiya and welcome to the site, looking forward to more pictures of your lovely bus ^-^
  11. Thats a good start but whats wrong with buying a basket case restoring it for ten years and posting regularly on here to frighten the living crapout of me when I look at the work that people do and wonder how long it will be before I have to do that (aboit 3 years too late I think!)

    Welcome - good buy (as opposed to goodby)

    Tea drunk but need another.
  12. Appreciate the replies, starting to think the cuppa tea title has influenced the majority!

    And get this.. the missus doesn't even know!!! :eek:

    It get's better - I'm planning on using her Dad's garage! (business not house) to get the work done this Sunday ready for an MOT etc and try to get it on the road within (famous last words) two weeks), again, all without the missus finding out... I plan to tell her with the 'beep' of the horn ;)

    Interior pics to follow after the weekends shenanigans.

    And yes, you are a mad special bunch, the generosity etc has restored my faith in society several times lol
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  13. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    Whoa you are a brave one.
  14. bernjb56

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    That's what I call living dangerously. Buying a van behind the missus's back.

    Good luck with that :thinking: (welcome , by the way)
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  15. Welcome n lovely bus
  16. Welcome Chappers...I sure hope Mrs Chappers likes bays :)

    nice looking westy, ours is us spec too..there are a good few of us with them on here!
  17. Its going to go one of two ways - could be cold and silent dinners for a while matey. Lets be positive after all Bays have always been fanny magnets (sos girls)
  18. welcome along
  19. delilah

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    Welcome, that's a lovely bus!
  20. :) Welcome brave man

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